The Best Alternative Dating Sites & Apps in the UK

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Free Spirit Singles
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Conscious Singles
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In the United Kingdom, you can be assured to find a vast landscape of suitable dating services for every type of person to meet like-minded friends and potential life partners. Here is an extended list of highly recommended alternative dating sites & apps to use.

We would like to help you find an alternative partner, away from conventional dating sites, by recommending modern niche partner exchanges and dating apps that are specifically suited to your person.

What are the challenges in alternative dating?

The special fringe groups of our society will always exist.

Whether they have a handicap, unusual personalities or individual interests, finding a partner may be proportionately more difficult for “alternative people” than for normal people.

Nevertheless, for some years now, there have been many specialized dating agencies and apps that have made it their business to match like-minded alternative singles.

Whatever you may be looking for, chances are there is a niche dating website for you.

Users have been able to filter by more specific criteria on various alternative singles sites for years. For example, by:

  • Height
  • Body type
  • Hobbies
  • Origin
  • Languages
  • Educational Degree
  • Location

In addition, you can also make the partner search more specific according to your own interests or preferences. Basically, the entire dating pool is pulled through a small funnel and prepared to suit them.

Niche singles have long been able to filter their search for potential commonalities on major dating sites.

But in an age where consumers can customise pretty much everything, it’s no wonder that online dating portals want to offer their users an enhanced user experience as well.

A variety of niche portals offer this kind of granularity that many introverts and creative minds crave, for example.

A handful of reputable alternative dating platforms have been around for a few years.

Do alternative dating sites work?

For very many individual singles with unusual hobbies, handicaps or other preferences, finding a partner in everyday life can be much more difficult.

Especially for physically or mentally impaired people, there are fewer opportunities to meet a potential partner.

Nowadays, there are special dating platforms that are only geared towards certain marginalised groups. Disabled dating and contact exchanges for depressed people are completely normal nowadays.

On these platforms, it is much easier for the partner seekers involved to find a suitable partner.

An old social psychological saying goes: the more similar two people are in a relationship, the higher the relationship’s chances of success.

On the other hand, the long-term prospects of success are significantly lower, but heterogeneous singles feel more attracted to each other at first instance or at first sight.

Be that as it may; especially for highly sensitive persons or persons with slight physical or mental disabilities, encounters and relationships with like-minded singles are all the more important.

The more a person deviates from the social norm, the more difficult it is to find a partner. Yet there is a like-minded partner waiting for everyone.

We are firmly convinced of this. Alternative singles sites are a modern and effective way to meet your next life partner.

What are the advantages of a niche dating site?

Alternative niche dating portals bring some advantages over traditional singles sites. The most important reason is obvious: the opportunity to find like-minded people with whom you can celebrate your particular hobby or lifestyle. Find someone on your wavelength.

In addition, these types of sites have a smaller and more manageable member base in comparison. On the one hand, this gives you a reduced choice when selecting a partner, on the other hand, it guarantees you a more efficient and faster partner search.

You will quickly notice that you will have to spend significantly less time searching for a partner in order to achieve good results. Whether it’s sorting out unsuitable user profiles or writing irrelevant chat conversations with people you have nothing in common with, a lot of time is lost in these superfluous activities.

These time wasters are eliminated in any case on a portal for niches, since you have enough interesting conversation material with those members in any case.

Dating portals with a certain focus are often set up and run by people who themselves lead a special lifestyle or belong to the respective niche. They are often run with passion and this is also reflected in the quality and customer service of the portals.

In addition, there is often a close-knit community feeling between the manageable number of members, which is tugged by a common passion. For this purpose, the operator as well as members often organise meetings within the framework of speed dating events or exciting excursions.

Alternative contact exchanges are therefore not only suitable for finding a partner, but also for finding new friends and making contacts.

Girl with individual style looking seductively into the camera.

How do you find the best alternative dating site & apps?

Once you have decided to try an alternative dating site, it is best to search online for specific keywords that reflect and describe your interests, lifestyle or what you are specifically looking for.

For example, if you are looking for a spiritual dating site, you can search for specific keywords such as “yoga dating”, “esoteric singles, as well as “find a meditation partner”. You will then be shown the best places to go for your particular partner search.

Find the best alternative dating site for your needs

Nowadays, there is a huge range of possible platforms for alternative people. Registration is usually free of charge and is enough to get to know the first contacts on the platform.

Finally, you still need to complete your profile with some basic information.

Are you still looking for a suitable fancy goth girlfriend? Possibly a vegan hippie soul mate or a spiritual companion?

Then the sheer breadth of the alternative dating ecosystem will give you much pleasure!

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