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Where do zodiac signs come together? Your personal experiences with people of different zodiac signs have probably geared you towards finding people of suitable signs with whom you can have a harmonious relationship.

Well, here are our top dating sites for choosing a partner based entirely on their zodiac sign, and just below that, our tips on how to strike up a relationship with them.

Getting to know Aries

Aries are very fast-moving and brisk people. Correspondence that spans many months – definitely not their end. They need to meet quickly and try to find out immediately who they are dealing with, what kind of person they are, how interesting and exciting with them. Don’t be surprised if Aries asks you out after only an hour. And take the initiative to meet not only men but also female Aries. This is a very natural style for women of this character – in fact, the first to ask a man out.

For Aries, there should be a drive, a spark in a potential spouse, a spark that is able to ignite them, keep them excited, arouse them. Usually they don’t even need two dates to find out who they are dealing with and whether or not they are interested in that person on the next date. If they are not interested in getting to know you further – they will vanish as swiftly as they emerged.

Getting to know Taurus

Tauruses are big cheapskates, people who take quite a long time to make up their minds and are forever in doubt. Unlike Aries, they won’t get right down to business and will first try to get to know their potential partner well through extensive correspondence. And even after a few months of online dating, you’ll still be puzzling over whether Taurus wants to meet up with you to get to know each other better, or whether they’re communicating because they’re lonely and have no one else to talk to.

The latter opinion will probably be wrong, because Taurus is not the kind of person who is willing to waste time with idle chatter on the internet. Finally, when Taurus is convinced that the potential partner is a suitable candidate – only then will he suggest a closer acquaintance, a meeting somewhere in a restaurant with good food. For Taurus, very important in a partner is reliability and seriousness of intentions. Easy-going people do not attract them for a serious relationship.

Getting to know Gemini

Geminis usually have a good hanging tongue and a loose spring. It costs nothing to get to know each other online, to find an appropriate compliment for the occasion, or to start a conversation about a topic of interest (to the person you’re talking to). What that is – he will quickly pick up on the first response replicas. Gemini – unsurpassed pickup artists (both men and women) and very easily “hook” bright and catchy phrases to a potential partner.

They, like Aries, will not keep up a long correspondence for months and will try to meet the person of interest quickly enough. At the meeting, their eloquence can reach a peak and you can easily be promised to hear exactly what you want to hear. However, you would be very wrong to think that all these promises will be fulfilled.

Maybe they will (if you are really interested in twins, which unfortunately you cannot know for sure even after a week of daily meetings), and maybe they won’t. In short, dating a Gemini is a kind of lottery; you’ll never know right away whether you’ve won or lost.

Get to know a Cancer

The typical Cancer is very reluctant to date. He is looking for a “soul mate” to warm and comfort his lonely and wounded heart in the storms of life. He can ask you for a long time how you feel, how and how much. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunset outside your window or how you feel about your mother. Cancer has a knack for tuning into you and using a sixth sense to figure out what kind of person you are.

None of the sunny signs know how to so easily drop into a potential partner’s soul with gentleness, careful manners and showing sympathy for you. Even if your life has gone quite well before – Cancer will always find something to sympathise with and comfort. Don’t forget, however, that it requires empathy on your part as well. When you first meet him, he will look at you very closely, with his eyes literally penetrating the depths of his soul.

Get to know Leo

Leo will try to impress a potential partner with his radiant image and personal irresistibility from the first lines. He may seem quite generous and giving. In fact, only a very hardened egotist Leo will behave conceitedly and dismissively with a potential partner, and even then – only in the case when he has some kind of social status (money, position, or at least more ambition). Leo man may seem to you “real colonel”, and the Leo woman – a bright star that has lit up your life sky.

However, do not forget that the first impression can be replaced by a second, less dazzling. The typical Leo likes to bestow his gifts on you and is not stingy with gifts, sending you virtual roses on avatars or even filling up your mobile phone account, but he will never forget his beloved and will always remind you that he also needs to cherish, and here you can expect the first disappointment.

To continue to get acquainted with him – you need to properly (like – he will tell you) respect and appreciate his generous nature. Deprived of your admiration, Leo will easily move on to another, more suitable object.

Getting to know Virgo

Virgo is known for being a great sceptic, and her scepticism is easily projected onto the subject of online dating. Before writing the first message to a suitable candidate, Virgo will study the photo on the avatar carefully, look through the entire profile with other photos and already form an initial opinion about whether the person is suitable for serious dating (she doesn’t need non-serious).

And if, after a short correspondence, the relationship candidate manages not to disappoint the virgin, she will not put off a meeting for long. Personal acquaintance is necessary to see how neat the potential partner is, to judge how pressed and fresh his clothes are, whether he is polite and punctual (Virgo is allergic to uncouth and untidy people). If Virgo agrees to meet you a second time – be sure you have passed a rigorous and careful selection.

Meet a Libra

Libra is somewhat similar to Gemini on the first level of online dating: they are very sociable, easy-going, find suitable topics, write beautifully and intriguingly, and give great hope for a future meeting with the very first lines.

With them you can always talk about any topic and discuss any news. Also Libra is quite sentimental, love to say compliments, immediately start calling the interlocutor affectionate words, any way to emphasize their sympathy and simply decorate to your avatar cute postcards that should show their sincere attitude to you. However, in a hurry with face-to-face dating Libra will not.

Despite all the eloquence in your address, they will take some time to weigh and evaluate whether you are worthy of a closer acquaintance or not? At the same time, promises of meeting from the lips of Libra may be full flowing, but every day the meeting for some very good reason will be postponed to the next day, week, month.

If Libra decides to meet with you, remember that even that does not mean anything. Even if the meeting was of the highest level and left a strong impression, it is not at all typical for Libra to rush into a relationship, it needs a little more time to think.

Getting to know Scorpio

Scorpio has the nimbus of a cautious and suspicious person. In principle, this is the case in fact, so expect from this person frank stories about himself, his life and views are not worth it. In this case, the Scorpio is more likely to try to understand the interlocutor better and may ask quite frank and direct questions that may annoy and confuse the person untrained in communicating with the Scorpio novice.

It may feel like a lie detector test, but if you pass this test with flying colours and continue to make an effort to get to know each other – he will eventually decide to meet you. But even if you do meet him, it will be difficult to understand exactly what he is thinking, how attracted he is to you and whether he really likes you. And this uncertainty and mystery may draw you to him even more.

What if the stars are not aligned in the right way?

However, besides dream couples who, according to the partner’s horoscope, can survive any crisis together, there are also zodiac signs that simply don’t want to go together at all. Gemini and Virgo together in the same house, let alone an intimate relationship? That can only lead to arguments!

In fact, astrology is not an exact science. There are clues to the typical characteristics of your perfect partner, but people are always individual and can act, feel and love regardless of their birth date. If everything else fits, even if you have “incompatible star signs”, don’t let that stop you from your first message!

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