The best dating sites & apps for senior singles over 60, 70 & 80 plus in the UK

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Our recommendations

For older singles above the age of 60, dating sites offer an unprecedented and uncomplicated way of finding a new partner. We dedicate this article to the most popular services and apps for elderly folk.

No matter where you live, whether in the city or the country, on senior dating sites you can easily find suitable partner suggestions according to your needs in your area.

Serious dating agencies connect 60-plus people discreetly and quickly with other seekers of a suitable age. In the following segment we will review your best options to find an elderly partner looking to settle down in the UK.

1. 60SingleDating


Single60sDating is a top-tier dating site dedicated to senior singles, providing a platform for meaningful connections and relationships within the older demographic. In this review, we’ll explore the platform’s features, pricing, and user experience, highlighting why Single60sDating stands out among other senior dating platforms.

What are the Pros and cons of Single60sDating?

User-Friendly InterfaceLimited Free Features
Tailored Matchmaking
Safety and Security
Diverse Membership Base
Interactive Communication Features

How much does 60sSingleDating cost?

Subscription PlanPrice (GBP)
1-month membership£29.99
3-month membership£69.99
6-month membership£119.99

Is 60sSingleDating a good choice for senior singles?

Single60sDating sets itself apart in the realm of senior dating platforms with its user-friendly interface, personalized matchmaking, focus on safety, diverse member base, and engaging communication features. The platform aims to provide a seamless experience for older adults seeking companionship, making it a standout choice in the British senior dating scene.

While the premium subscription comes at a cost, the genuine connections and tailored approach make it a compelling option for seniors looking for meaningful relationships.

2. Truelifepartner

truelifepartner logo

Specifically tailored for singles in the age bracket of 50-80 years ol, “Truelifepartner” offers a space for meaningful connections and relationships among older adults.

Intuitive InterfaceLimited Free Features
Advanced Matching Algorithm
Safety Measures
Community of Like-Minded Individuals
Effective Communication Tools

How much does Truelifepartner cost?

Subscription PlanPrice (GBP)
1-month membership£24.99
3-month membership£59.99
6-month membership£99.99

Is Truelifepartner a good choice for senior singles?

Truelifepartner” truly shines in the realm of senior dating platforms, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the online dating experience for older adults. One of its standout features is the intricate matching algorithm, intelligently considering compatibility factors, significantly improving the potential for meaningful connections and relationships.

One remarkable aspect of “Truelifepartner” is its strong sense of community. The platform actively encourages interaction and engagement among its users, cultivating a friendly and inviting atmosphere, making it easier for seniors to connect with like-minded individuals.

However, it’s important to highlight that while the basic membership is free, access to certain essential features is limited. To fully benefit from the platform and increase the chances of finding compatible matches, users might find value in opting for a premium subscription.

In summary, Truelifepartner provides an appealing platform for elderly singles, offering a secure and intuitive space to seek companionship and potentially find a lifelong partner.

Although the accessibility to some features could be improved for free members, the platform’s commitment to facilitating genuine relationships sets it apart in the senior dating arena.

Dating Over 60 & 70 has transcended to the online world

Online dating for seniors via apps or dating sites have long since become commonplace. Gone are the days when you had to reluctantly tell your friends about your experiences with online dating under wry glances.

Over 90% of younger generations have had experience with online dating. Now older generations are finally discovering the benefits of online dating for themselves.

Sooner or later, many single older people start thinking about stepping foot on the singles market again. In recent years, however, a lot has changed in the scene.

Major technological innovations in dating apps and chat opportunities have changed dating as we knew it for good.

We provide a comprehensive overview for seniors and older singles who would like to re-establish a meaningful partnership or make new friendly senior contacts.

Advantages of using a dating site for seniors

Times have changed – gone are the days when you were restricted to meeting new singles of the same age through work or mutual contacts.

The concept of dating has changed a lot. Nowadays you don’t have to approach people coldly and make awkward small talk.

You decide which way you want to go. In addition, many singles today are more direct and open about their sexual preferences and needs.

As you are no longer limited to your social circle when meeting new people, your chances of finding a partner over 60 and 70 in the UK are higher than ever,

There are various apps for older singles that offer nearly unlimited opportunities of finding like-minded folk interested in a serious relationship.

How do dating apps for older singles from 60 to 70+ work?

In the United Kingdom, there is a growing number of single people of advanced age, who have already extensively tested the most modern alternatives and gained their first experiences.

There are various of opportunities to get to know each other online. Many dating services are specifically geared to people over 60 and 70.

Here you will find potential partners who are already retired, others who still work part-time or full-time and are flexible in terms of time and space. It’s up to you to find a suitable profile.

Decide which type of person you would like to meet by adjusting the filter options and search criteria in the online portal to suit your own needs and preferences.

Perhaps you are looking for a sports buddy or a hiking companion for relaxed day trip in the UK.

After all, we all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy in old age. And a sporty partner will help you do that.

Or are you looking for a playmate for fun board game and bingo evenings? Are you looking for a sophisticated companion to attend a concert or a theatre performance? You should be aware and know exactly what you are looking for!

You decide which type of person with which characteristics you need and want to meet in your life.

In addition to conventional filters, such as year of birth, academic degree and place of residence, there are also a number of other important search criteria that can be decisive for your choice of partner.

over 70 couple enjoying their free time together at the coast.

Do British men and women over 70 use senior dating sites?

While many senior dating sites require a certain minimum age, which is usually around 60, there are no upper age restrictions.

Singles over 70 are just as welcome on senior dating sites as 60-year-olds. In fact, more 70-year-old women and men registered on online dating sites this year than ever before.

Even singles in old age are now familiar with digital technologies and know how an online platform works.

In the senior chat, for example, there is the simple option of matching interests and preferences online, before arranging a personal date to get to know each other in person.

The chat feature remains a much underrated and under-utilized tool of contact. Just try it out!

You have all the time in the world

Remember that you can get to know and evaluate potential partner candidates at your leisure, without any commitment, in an online chat or with the help of a dating app, before the face-to-face date takes place

Senior dating offers many older singles a valuable opportunity to gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Even health restrictions are no obstacle to finding a dream partner at an advanced age. Most seniors have already seen a lot and experienced even more.

Family plans and professional careers are usually complete, which shifts the focus of one’s life. You may have experienced a divorce or a death in your marriage.

Having closed these older chapters in your life, you are now ready to start a new chapter in your life.

There are no societal pressures or social norms limiting your search for a partner. You are now your own man (or woman) and can pursue what seems right for you.

What you should consider when creating a profile on a senior dating site for singles over 60 or 70?

Perhaps you have already thought about your personal presentation on a dating site?

The choice of photos is very important. Oh yes, pictures absolutely belong to senior online dating. Many older singles are quickly overwhelmed by digital photos.

Some seniors resort to old analogue photo albums or old-fashioned Polaroid pictures for profile creation.

Please keep in mind that you are posting a candid, new picture, which can also be snapped with any mobile phone camera. After all, you want to get an up-to-date impression of your counterpart.

After all, you don’t want to give a false impression and confuse your future partner with misleading pictures.

At this point, many older singles ask themselves whether black and white photos are suitable for marketing themselves on a senior dating site.

Black and white pictures often convey a sophisticated artistic impression. If this is what you want to communicate, then fine!

Colour snapshots, on the other hand, appear spontaneous and youthful and convey a sympathetic impression.

It’s best to post a portrait and a full-body photo; photos with a pet or hobby also tell about your personality.

Photos showing you doing leisure activities or on holiday are also popular. On the other hand, avoid suggestive pictures with your body exposed at all costs.

Apart from the choice of pictures, creating a profile is relatively uncomplicated and quick.

Make sure your profile description is as detailed as possible

In addition to the photos, the detailed personal description offers you the opportunity to tell about your interests, hobbies and outlook on life.

It is completely up to you how detailed you want to go. Many British singles are pleased when a potential partner has created an interesting and carefully filled out profile.

The level of detail in your profile is entirely up to you. Detailed dating profiles on dating sites with a minimum of five pictures perform better than minimalist user profiles.

After all, you don’t want to give the wrong impression and lure your future partner with misleading pictures.

Apart from the choice of pictures, creating a profile is relatively uncomplicated and quick.

In addition to the pictures, you also have the option of entering a detailed personal description as well as details of your most important hobbies and interests in your online profile.

It is completely up to you how detailed you want to go. Many older UK singles are happy to find someone who has an interesting and well-filled out profile.

Sometimes a so-called “match” also depends on how well you manage to present yourself on your page.

Within some dating sites, a “match” is successful if both people give each other a positive rating.

over 60 pensioned couple enjoying the sunset

Use a chatroom for seniors to your advantage

Some dating agencies allow you to make contact via a chat function. Here you exchange initial personal information in writing, which your chat partner can answer immediately

From here it is easy in the next step to exchange telephone numbers, arrange a telephone conversation or suggest getting to know each other in person on a “date”.

Here it is advisable to proceed cautiously and circumspectly. Do not reveal private information too quickly, e.g. your full name, date of birth or financial details.

It is up to you how discreetly or openly you want to present yourself on a dating site. Always remember that you can use your profile to convey a complex image of style, mystery and authenticity to other singles.

Why should you use a chat for seniors over 70?

Most dating sites or online agencies offer a chat feature that amplify your chances of getting to know other single men and women over 70.

Websites dedicated to chat-rooms for senior singles are rapidly gaining traction. They cater to for pensioners and elderly people, as they require little technical know-how and enable immediate social and potential romantic contacts, even during late stages of life.

How does online dating work for singles over 70 and over in the UK ?

Many newcomers to silver dating for British individuals over 60 or 70 years of age wait passively for the online dating site to set the stage and provide promising candidates.

Experienced users, on the other hand, take initiative and actively make contact and message other interesting users by sending a so-called “icebreaker”.

“Icebreakers” are a easy-going and playful way of making contact. It can be a compliment, through an “icon”, i.e. a sign like a heart or a nice little picture.

Sometimes it expresses an invitation to do a little online game together, such as bingo or puzzles. A fun game can turn into a nice chat and the ice is broken.

This way you can shorten the tedious matchmaking process and get directly in touch with fellow active members of your liking.

The only important thing to remember here, is that it may require you to become proactive and approach an interesting partner by sending a virtual message.

If you keep this set of advice in mind during, you are guaranteed to find your dream partner sooner or later.

Find sociable senior singles in your area

As you can see, creating a profile and using dating sites for senior singles is relatively straightforward and an excellent alternative for finding a partner in old age.

When searching, make sure to pay attention to the location of your potential partner. If you are no longer very mobile, it is easier to build a relationship with someone in your local neighbourhood.

Some dating sites allow you to limit your search to a certain distance radius, e.g. within a 25 km radius of your home.

This makes it easier to meet someone close to you.

With increasing age friends and social interactions tend to decrease, and social isolation become more and more present. Signing up with a dating service, be it an app or a website, can be a good method to counter loneliness in old age, especially for ageing folk between 60 and 70 years.

This way you can breathe fresh life into your everyday life again and perhaps spend the rest of your life with a pleasant partner or life companion at your site.

Finding other senior singles in your area will be as easy as anything else. You shouldn’t have to spend your time alone if you don’t want to.

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