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We all want to find true love one day. For most, if not all of us, it is important to find someone with whom we share similar core values and desires.

The desire to find someone who loves vegetables and avoids meat as much as you do is not too much to ask.

Nowadays, finding like-minded singles is much easier for vegans and vegetarians as more and more people embrace alternative lifestyles. However, as you probably already know, having numbers on your side is not always helpful.

That’s why, for the purposes of this article, we have included some vegan dating apps and sites that will help you meet someone who knows how to appreciate celari smoothies and tofu burgers as much as you do!

When it comes to finding a partner, vegan singles who want to find vegan match have a particularly hard time. More and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle, but this does not change the fact that the group of people living vegan is still comparatively small to this day. In fact, the majority of vegan and vegetarians have no or only very few vegans in the group of friends.

This begs the question, how can you meet like-minded people? Here are our tips for vegan dating and meeting like-minded people.

Meet like-minded people

As a vegan person, it may feel daunting to live in a completely different world to everyone around you. We often feel misunderstood and less connected by fellow non-vegans. It is not uncommon for people to judge or make fun of vegans. Meeting like-minded people is therefore a good piece of advice in any case – regardless of whether you are looking for green love or not. However, where and how can you meet other green singles?

The internet caters to the needs of various singles and online dating apps. However, mainstream apps like Bumble and the like usually only allow you to narrow down profiles by geographic location and personal metrics.

This makes searching online for a vegan person the equivalent to finding the right fish in the sea. Outside of mainstream apps, however, a number of dating sites and services have been launched that cater to veggie communities and other niche communities. Dedicated dating apps are Veggly, Veggie Singles.

Veggly, the leading app for vegan in the world of green dating, also allows you to enter your current relationship status and track down vegans in your area. On dating sites like Okcupid, you can limit your search to vegans.

Should you date non-vegans instead?

The desire for a partnership with a person who also lives vegan is perfectly reasonable from the point of view of a vegan person. When choosing a romantic companion, we also consider other aspects, such as whether we like the other person’s character.

Nevertheless, there are good reasons to get to know people who do not (yet) live vegan. If the person is receptive and open-minded, you might be an inspiration to them and they might dabble in the vegan lifestyle because of you.

Why meet and date other vegan and vegetarian singles in the UK?

First and foremost, allow me to ask: Why would you want to meet other vegan and vegetarian singles in the first place?

Well, if you are a vegan or vegetarian yourself, you may simply want to meet someone who follows the same plant-based dietary habits as you do. Many people with plant-based diets simply feel uncomfortable or find it morally reprehensible if the person they are dating gorges on a half-baked stake.

Apart from that, it is easier for you to prepare food jointly with a like-minded partner. Moreover, similar mindsets and lifestyles are excellent indicators of a happy and long-lasting relationship.

How can a vegan dating app help?

If you don’t agree on the benefits of veganism, or if you don’t both agree that a healthy life is impossible without meat, then you need to ask yourself in which areas there is still potential for dispute.

In short, consider dating a “veggie” if you are looking for someone who shares similar ideas about life and values. That way, nothing will stand in the way of a meaningful partnership.

The top dating service for vegan and vegetarians: Veganfriendly

Veganfriendly has been around since 1999 and is one of the pioneers among veggie dating sites.

It all started with a plant-based dating website for vegetarians, but given that the world is changing fast and the variety has increased more than ever before, you will now meet a wide range of ecologically conscious singles here. From pescatarians , ovo-vegetarians to macrobiotic diets to full vegans and vegetarians, the whole veggie spectrum is thus covered here.

Among the veggie dating providers, this vegetarian online dating agency has the highest number of members. More than 400 active new members join every month, so you will regularly meet new singles.

As far as variety goes, Veganfriendly is ahead of the game.

Although it is free to join the platform, it only offers limited utilities for its free members. As a premium member, you can make your profile far more comprehensive by uploading more images and sending messages to an unlimited number of different individuals.

A year’s premium membership costs the equivalent of 55.99 quid, or 15.99 pounds if you opt for a monthly subscription renewal.

In terms of design and usability, one should not expect much from this provider, as the platform does not seem to have been updated for several years. For this reason, the site may seem a little out of date to some. Nevertheless, it serves its purpose and offers an excellent and reputable contact point for all vegetarian and vegan singles in the UK.

Veggly – The most popular green dating site

Veggly is another online dating site that caters to the vegetarian niche. It brings together nature-loving singles, including vegetarians, vegans, raw food lovers, fruit lovers and macrobiotics.

It is a fairly small, non-profit website, which has many advantages. The platform is ideal for singles with serious intentions and vegetarian preferences. Imagine being with a non-vegan and having to pay for food you wouldn’t even smell or touch.

Members on the Veggly platform are more likely to be looking for a deeper and lasting partnership than the usual no strings attached one-night stand. Therefore, casual singles will not find what they are looking for here.

In addition, the site offers a forum and numerous blogs dealing with various nutritional approaches. The structure of the website is user-friendly, but could be designed a little more creatively to be more appealing and adapted to contemporary standards.

Registration and profile creation are free. Two other subscription deals are “Silver” and “Gold” with an annual fee of 30 and 42 quid respectively.

In terms of the number of members, this British vegan matchmaking service is probably not the number one among the providers. Nevertheless, it impresses with over 1500 active users and offers a great choice without having to decide between an excessive number of options.

The platform offers access to singles from all parts of the world who are interested in veganism, related plant-based diets, green cuisine in general and vegetarian recipes such as healthy, energizing smoothies.

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