The best dating sites & apps for singles with social anxiety in the UK

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Mental Health Mates
  • is a network of peer support groups IRL and online, run by people who experience their own mental health issues, meeting regularly to walk, connect and share without fear or judgement
  • With Walks across the United Kingdom, Mental Health Mates has become a thriving community that only continues to grow!
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Spiritual Singles
  • Oldest, largest exclusively conscious, spiritual online dating site
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Mental-Illness Dating
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  • For lonely singles with mental problems and bipolar singles
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Welcome to the world of modern love, where dating apps have changed the way people connect and seek relationships. For singles with social anxiety, this shift to digital has created both advantages and disadvantages.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the dating world, particularly for those with social concerns. In this article, we explore and compare online dating services and apps designed to make the journey easier for those who are socially anxious.

As we explore different platforms, our aim is to give useful advice and direction to support nervous individuals in successfully navigating the world of online dating with ease and self-assurance.

1. Mental Health Mates

mental health mates

Mental Health Mates is a different dating website that aims to promote social diversity and tolerance with its unique service. It is not only for people with mental illness, but it provides them with a chance to meet tolerant individuals. Mental Health Mates facilitates partner and friend searches with different contact opportunities.

Mental Health Mates follows the footsteps of other big online dating agencies by utilizing a psychological matching procedure and depending on the partner suggestion system.

A questionnaire that adheres to the acceptance principle prompts every user to express any reservations about specific health conditions.

Alongside mental conditions, the questionnaire presents physical ailments and disabilities as options, allowing individuals to express interest in meeting other singles with similar impairments.

In essence, this very niche dating service places great emphasis on tolerance and attentiveness, both of which are reflected in their members’ code of conduct governing interactions with each other.

Here, anything goes but nothing’s mandatory – a slogan that characterizes their open-mindedness.

mental health mates website browser edition

According to them, the platform is likely to help British people with mental illness find a partner. The team states that those suffering from mental illness have the same good chances of finding a match as those without.

The team, which is based in the United Kingdome, states that those suffering from mental illness have the same good chances of finding a match as those without. Thus, this site does more than just matchmake.

The website provides individuals who face considerable rejection in society with a genuine opportunity to conquer their issues by connecting with others through Mental Health Mates and establishing bonds and collaborations in a safe environment.

This is a vital measure in managing the condition, as the absence of social connections in daily life needlessly exacerbates the circumstances for affected individuals.

They welcome people of all backgrounds, not just mental ailments but also severe and persistent conditions such as HIV and AIDS, cancer, heart diseases, and physical disabilities.

2. No Longer Lonely

nolongerlonely logo

No Longer Lonely is an online dating service that allows individuals dealing with social anxiety or burnout to connect with other singles in the UK.

The platform’s members are unbiased towards mental health conditions. Users consist of individuals who struggle with the aforementioned impairments and those who don’t but are open to compassionately dealing with their partner’s condition in a relationship.

The platform operators aim to provide individuals who have been rejected by other partner exchanges due to their complaints with the opportunity for social and communicative exchange.

The understanding of mental health by society is still inadequate, and those impacted by it often report experiencing negative and uncomprehending attitudes in both their work and personal lives.

In a dating service created for making money, there is often little effort made to understand these limitations.

No Longer Lonely’s strategy is commendable because dating can help those who suffer take a step towards betterment. It’s admirable that in the competitive online dating market, some websites differentiate themselves by catering to those who don’t conform to traditional norms.

No Longer Lonely provides completely free services for registered users. The platform is solely funded by advertising and donations.

This means that we can help individuals who may be experiencing financial difficulties due to their psychological situation.

What sets No Longer Lonely apart from other dating agencies is another factor. The operators purposely do not use computerized assessments and algorithms to suggest potential partners based on profile similarities.

Users of No Longer Lonely browse through other users’ profiles and search for a partner themselves with complete freedom and no intervention from the operators.

Basic filter functions, such as age, gender, and location, can be selected for the search. The No Longer Lonely site has a forum for discussing illness and sharing experiences of everyday life with the condition.


3. EaseConnect

EaseConnect is a unique dating service that blends sophisticated AI technology with psychology-based methods to assist individuals with social anxiety. The app employs chatbots for the opening conversations, suggesting ways to develop communication skills.

Moreover, it creates a virtual network of support, linking like-minded daters with one another to provide mutual reassurance and understanding.

4. Anxiety-Strides

Anxiety Strides is a thoughtful and user-friendly dating app created for people who experience social anxiety. It facilitates a gradual process for matchmaking, giving users the chance to take their time and indulge in relaxing conversations.

To assist users manage their anxiety, the app provides personalized privacy settings, conversation starters, and guided communication options, enabling them to form meaningful connections comfortably and effectively.

5. CalmMate

CalmMate is a peaceful dating website designed for nervous singles searching for authentic relationships. The platform strives to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, offering mindfulness activities and breathing exercises through the application.

CalmMate promotes self-awareness and gradual social engagement, to decrease anxiety levels and foster significant bonds.


What are typical character traits of people struggling with social anxiety?

People with social anxiety or comparable mental health issues display distinctive traits. Anxiety does not render dating and meeting new people impractical. However, life may differ somewhat while being with a depressed individual.

Sometimes when you are struggling with mental health issues, you may feel disconnected. Do you relate to this? The emotional anguish doesn’t vanish overnight. This is why dating can be unique.

Popular among anxious singles

Be completely transparent with your date

However, there’s no need to conceal your state when searching for a companion. It’s better to be candid about your condition and have conversations with other singles. When going on a date, there’s no need to conceal anything. People with anxiety may attempt to hide their mental health issues, which is a blunder. Stay open-minded and give romance a chance. Being truthful will make it simpler for you to engage in a relationship.

Try coping with your disorder by socializing with new people

You have just the same chance as anyone else to find a partner and start a relationship – a dating service for depressed individuals can assist you with this.

Depressed people often feel anxious about getting too close to others, which is why they usually reject the idea of marriage. However, such relationships are feasible and, at times, can become more intimate. The aim is for you to find your perfect partner, allowing you to become a couple. Even if you struggle with anxiety, you can still experience love and show emotions.

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Trust comes with time

Your emotional history might impact the dating experience, as some days you might find it challenging while on other days, dating might feel more natural and comfortable. Hence, don’t give up. The correct platform is vital for success in the long run.

You’ll experience a sense of security on a dedicated dating website or an app, which acts as a matchmaker for people with in the UK with similar issues. Can you identify signs of social anxiety in others? This assures you of trusted dating with a sincere dating company.

The future of online dating for socially anxious singles

In an increasingly digital world, the future of online dating apps for socially anxious singles holds promise and innovation. As the number of individuals dealing with social anxiety grows, so does the need for platforms that cater specifically to their unique needs.

Anticipate advancements in app designs focusing on fostering a more comfortable and supportive environment, incorporating features that facilitate gradual, anxiety-friendly interactions. Enhanced privacy controls, curated icebreakers, and guided communication paths will likely become commonplace.

With continuous research and collaboration between mental health professionals and tech developers, the future of online dating appears bright for those seeking love amidst the challenges of social anxiety.

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