The best dating sites & apps for shy and introverted singles in the UK

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Mental Health Mates
  • is a network of peer support groups IRL and online, run by people who experience their own mental health issues, meeting regularly to walk, connect and share without fear or judgement
  • With Walks across the United Kingdom, Mental Health Mates has become a thriving community that only continues to grow!
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Spiritual Singles
  • Oldest, largest exclusively conscious, spiritual online dating site
  • Its goal is to facilitate conscious connections in the United Kingdom
  • Video Chats offer you a safe, easy way to spend virtual quality time together
Mental-Illness Dating
  • connect singles with personal issues enabling a stigma free safe zone online
  • For lonely singles with mental problems and bipolar singles
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  • OkCupid is the only online dating app that matches you on what really matters to you
  • A platform designed to be less centered on physical appearance and more about personality
  • Free Registration

For many people affected by shyness, being an introverted single can occasionally be frustrating. Many people have a hard time developing their personality and coming out of their shell in the company of a romantic crush.

This is why it is particularly helpful for introverted singles to use a digital dating site or, if necessary, a dating app .

In this way, the process of meeting another person via an online chat may be much smoother and more informal.

Fortunately, an increasing number of couples are meeting through online matchmaking services. In this respect, the digital evolution of the dating market favours you in your romantic endeavours.

Bygone are the days when you had to go to sensory overloaded partys and bars with loud music in order to meet new potential dates.

These days, it is possible to find a new partner from the comfort of your home by using a dating app catering to the specific needs of timid singles.

Thus, while keeping a safe distance, you can send well-thought-out messages to attractive singles in your area.

In this article, you will learn what you, as an introvert, have to consider when choosing a suitable dating site for your personal needs.

How do you find a suitable dating site for introverts?

Many reputable dating sites require a comprehensive personality test upon registration.

Depending on which dating platform you choose, this questionnaire can easily take up to 5-20 minutes of your time.

Take the time to answer the questionnaire as adequately and thoroughly as possible.

Based on the results of the personality test, the dating provider will try to match you with a suitable partner.

For this reason, it is all the more important to answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible, or it may come back to haunt you upon meeting on the first date.

The goal is to make sure that the dating site only finds you partners who either have introverted personalities themselves or have previous experience in dealing with shy people.

How should shy people behave on a dating website & app?

Besides the right match, there are other factors that can influence a successful dating experience for natural-born introverts.

Like in real life, to be able to achieve satisfactory results and arrange your first date, you can’t avoid making personal contact virtually.

Introverted people, in contrast to extroverted personalities, find it difficult to push themselves into the limelight and showcase themselves on a dating platform, by means of selfie photos, or by imposing themselves on other members via an flirty opening message.

Instead, try to create a profile that reflects your personality appropriately by showing your photos, for example, with hobbies and casual activities you engage in.

As a result, these pictures can serve to give the other users a decent glimpse of your quiet and reserved personality.

You’re dating profile and photos should reflect your introverted personality

Your user profile and especially its photos provide the other registered users with valuable first impressions and tell the other singles a great deal about your quiet personality before they even start flirting with you.

With this you give your chat partner a helpful hint, with which your match can tune in to your person and make an effort to approach you gently.

Many people who are reserved share the concern about making a favorable first impression, and they tend to pretend otherwise in their online presence.

In order to have a lasting and serious relationship, you should try to present your personality as accurately as possible.

Otherwise, sooner or later you run the risk of finding a relationship partner who can’t cope with your shy features and somewhat closed nature.

How to find the best dating sites & apps for introverts in the UK

Finding a suitable dating sites and apps is double the trouble for singles who are timid and introverted.

Same as in real life, it is not always easy to read the other persons intentions.

Shy singles are perceived very wrongly, sometimes as arrogant or uninterested, when in fact in most cases the opposite tends to be true.

Therefore, it is important that you use a dating site that specializes in the communicative necessities of folk who shed the limelight.

By using a specialized dating provider for introverts, potential misunderstandings can be avoided prematurely, since the majority of users will be more reserved and will be able to understand each other.

Using a dating website is an excellent alternative for those who consider themselves timid or shy.

Make sure to try out a few different matchmaking sites and apps first to discover which one is best suited to your individual needs.

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