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The common usage of casual dating sites has increased massively in recent years. Increasing depiction of sexualizing acts in media, music and role models have played a defining role in this social development.

On the other hand, the development of almost endless casual dating apps and sites has played a key role.

Due to the unlimited number of sex only websites and hookup sites, we would like to give you a brief overview of the best sites for „nsa dating“ (no strings attached).

Although casual dating is basically quite straight forward, it is nonetheless worthwhile for the layman to briefly point out the essential facts. 

Let us foremost dedicate ourselves to the term “Casual Dating”. Simply put, casual dating is the need for a non-binding sexual agreement between two individuals. 

Emotional ties and romantic feelings for each other are initially undesirable, yet there are no fixed rules. A “Friends with Benefits” affair can always quickly develop into a more serious relationship.

The term Casual dating is also used interchangeably with “sex dating”. This is not entirely wrong, because sex dating is of course ultimately about nothing else but sex and nothing but the act of sex. 

Of course, there are many ways of thinking about sex dating. Other supporters believe that a non-committing casual relationship might be today’s modern gateway to a fulfilling functional relationship.

In these times, there are many singles who don’t want to fall in love head over heels, but want to “try it out” first to see if it possibly fit.

Any expectations towards a serious relationship are usually completely ignored on a sex date, because it is only about the physical sensual aspect of dating.

How to find the best hookup dating sites in the UK

The fact that there are no clearly defined guidelines or expectations might appear confusing for sex-dating-beginners involved. Nevertheless, there are always a few unwritten laws in no-strings-attached relationship.

The parties involved should always be honest with each other to prevent potential misunderstandings. For starters, you should respect each other’s presence and stick to the one-night stand agreement for now. 

Even within a casual steamy encounter, you should always live up to the standard of treating each other as well and respectfully as possible.

Casual dating is not only about sleeping with as many men and women as possible, but also connecting and engaging with the other involved person on a personal level. Some individuals just want to satiate the carnal cravings of their other fellow users members.

You should be able to connect mentally in order to connect physically.  Both people should feel comfortable and be able to relax.

Of course, you also have the possibility to simply meet your date at a public place, such as a restaurant or a nearby park and leave it at that and, if things don’t turn out as expected.

To meet new exciting people is of course a special bonus in the growing hookup dating culture.

Sometimes you want to find a long-term lasting love, and sometimes you just want to find a short-termed lover. If you occasionally succumb to your physical urges, it may be because you just came out of a long, serious relationship.

You might feel the need to engage with your primal urges for a while and have some sensual fun for a change. 

Many newly single people suddenly feel the need to have a one-night stand to help them gain distraction and distance.

You may not be able to have a serious relationship with your lifestyle or fundamental values.

Either way, thanks to modern uncensored adult dating hubs, you don’t have to give up the fun of getting laid without having to commit.

Regardless, you don’t have to be ashamed of being “only” interested in sex while dating.

It is true that being a partner, friend or husband may be deeply fulfilling for some people. However, you should not put yourself in a role with which you cannot identify with. 

Act on your behalf and defy conventional social expectations, which do not make you happy. Instead, try to relax and have an exciting sexual adventure once in a while. 

Hot with blond single girl with blue eyes.

How do apps for sex dating sites in the UK work?

So what do you exactly expect of a hookup site? There are many willing singles in the UK who are more than happy to commit to a night out without having to oblige to anything serious.

Despite all your concerns, you are far from being the only one who just wants to have some nsa-fun. In online dating you will find an abundance of providers focusing on „sex only apps“. There are enough people out there who are even looking for a one-night stand.

It is probably safe to say that  there are more people registered on NSFW websites than on more serious providers focusing on matching couples. On these terms, welcome to the world of casual dating sites, where you can find an almost infinite variety of divers dating-services.

Be it swinger, fetish-bdsm and other wild sub-categories such as cougar dating. Whatever your longing is, you should be able to satisfy easily on these kinds of services. 

These adult sites and apps for so called „ONS” (one night stands) and spontaneous sex dates, follow a different approach than conventional dating services.

The providers tend to pair open-minded singles with high sex drives and a desire to break out from their sometimes frustrating daily routine. Nowadays more and more active users show interest in non-binding, open and non-monogamous relationship models.

While pure hookup dating still seems to be frowned upon in society, the terminology has also changed in today’s mainstream media.

More and more terms such as “one-night stands”, “friends with benefits” or “nsa” are being used in literature, Netflix series, music and youth culture in general.

This development reflects the dynamic change taking place in today’s society, giving more and more space to a so called hookup-culture being cultivated. 

Do sex dating sites work in the UK? 

The first time you register with a sex dating app or site of your choice, may seem a little strange at first.

It is of course a somewhat bizarre situation, since the overall ambience and atmosphere may seem a little different from what you might be used to from conventional dating services. 

But try not be shy, the casual dating landscape in the UK is known for its extremely open-minded and welcoming community. You can be assured, you will certainly be able to fulfil your physical needs and fetishes here.

First things first, try to contact an attractive member of a casual dating site by chatting them up in using the integrated website messenger. This way you will gradually get a good feeling for chatting and handling other casual singles. 

At the same time you will also be able to further develop your own array of social skills. You might not be aware how much potential lies within you.

What are Sex dating sites that are not scams UK?

If you are just looking for some legit dating websites which are safe and legit, make sure to check out the following list. We have provided a shot compilation of safe to use sex dating sites

BrandsHow many Members from the UK?
Ashley Madison500,000
Victoria Milan150,000
Sex Dating Sites that are not Scams UK

Our Team has made sure to review these brands for you and can verify that these sites have a profound base of user which are willing to meet and hook up on a casual basis in the UK.

How effective are casual dating apps?

If you ask yourself why you should focus on apps that are specifically designed for a casual fling, you might be surprised. 

Regarding your potentially busy work schedule, hobbies and the goal of maintaining a good work-life balance, hookup apps might come in handy since the sole purpose of the usage is boiled down to a common interests, which tends to be only sex. 

So you might be able to save a lot of time in going on several dates just to end up hooking up once.

Think of all the small talk and expensive dinner dates, people usually spend precious time and money on just to get laid. 

There is a endless number of sex dating apps, with an unlimited number of willing men and women who desire nothing more than getting straight to the point.

As soon as you are personally ready to get down to business, it is especially important to choose a type of person that also adds to your character.

What are the best Casual Dating Apps?

In recent years a lot of legit hookup dating apps have entered the UK market. In the following list we will try to give you a brief overview of the most decent contenders for the best casual dating apps to check out right now.

Of course, you don’t have to use a pure casual dating site if you want to find a sex date. You can find this kind of date just as quickly on any dating app alà Tinder or Bumble, but the best option is probably a pure sex date app (such as C-date or Feeld)


It just works a little differently, in that you have to put your “best” foot forward to set up a sex date. On these dating apps, it is often not desirable to talk about sex right away. The best approach for this type of dating site is to play the game.

If you pretend that you are not interested in sex, it often works out faster. Remember that everyone craves sexual encounters: the only question is whether they will give it to you.

After reviewing some of the most popular brands, we can break the list down to the following:

BrandsHow many Members from the UK?
Feeld (formerly known as Thrinder)10,000
Ashley Madison500,000
Sexy Vibes4000
The Best UK Adult Dating Apps for hooking up

As you can, there are a few unknown names in the list, since these have appeared quite recently and caused quite a stir. On the other side you have a mainstream Apps such as C-Date and Ashley-Madison which crossed over from the browser version and currently provide an excellent mobile app version of their services, while being able to deliver the biggest membership and user numbers.

Apart from that you will find a lot of new names, which can provide an overall satisfying experience for kinky British singles. Just remind yourself that the membership numbers and your chances of getting a solid match might be limited due to the limited awareness of its brand so far.

Sexy young British casual single licking a lollipop

How can I save money on adult dating sites? 

Do you really want to get the best for your money? Then I recommend you to look for a website that only caters to like-minded people with similar fetishes and sexual needs. 

Of course, I would like to say again that you should not give out any private payment data to other site users at any time. Unfortunately there are still many fake-user profiles on various sites.

Please hold an eye out for them and report them for the sake of the other users. 

If you do not have the time or energy to choose the best casual dating site for you, we can help you.

We have already tested a variety of websites and apps and checked them based on the the most important criteria, so you would not have to do.

What are the advantages of sex dating sites?

If you just want to have some fun and are not ready to get emotionally involved with somebody else yet, a sex date would probably be the best choice for you!

Maybe you just came out of a long serious relationship and are don’t have the energy to throw yourself into the next serious relationship. 

A Sex Date enables you to fulfill your selfish primal urges and needs, since the expectations of both parties have been clearly agreed upon and consented to with signing up to an adult dating service.

Due to the mutual consent concerning, “no-strings-attached” you will have no emotional obligations towards your hookup partner and can easily spare yourself any unnecessary relationship drama.

In addition, naturally you will become more confident in yourself and your abilities to interact with other people after many successful one-night stands with numerous women in the UK.

With time, a certain ease can be noticed within you. Over time, you will find it much easier and more natural to interact and communicate with new erotic partners within the framework of a sex date.

How do I find the next hookup date in the UK?

If you are looking for the next discrete and casual hookup date in your area, you may want to look at various casual dating sites or apps. There you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Especially in times of nationwide lockdowns and massive social restrictions, the demand for easy and free sex meetings is higher than ever before.

Also the goodwill and acceptance from society towards a more liberal approach to adult dating has increased vastly in recent years.

The use and selection of sex dating sites in the UK apps that are specifically designed for non-binding sex will improve greatly in the future!

So go for it, take a leap and find an exciting sex date with a local in your neighbourhood today!

Check out our reviews!

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