The Best Dating Sites for Adults with Learning Disabilities in the UK

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My Favourite Hello
  • Online dating site designed for people with aspergers, autism and learning disabilities
  • Members can anonymously share their dating anxieties, insecurities and triumphs with each other in the forum
  • Customised matching algorithm and mobile dating app to guide you through your dating experience
  • Dating Agency for people with learning disabilities or autism in the UK
  • Luv2Meetyou is safe place full of people who understand each other. They offer guidance to help overcome the social obstacles for people with social impairments
  • They support people to make friends, share interests and develop relationships
  • West London project provides a safe place for you to make new friends and start relationships
  • Their aim is to bring people together from the local area. They focus on dating but believe friendship is just as important
  • To become a member of happily you have to have a learning disability or autism, be over the age of 18 and live in West London
Disability Dating UK
  • New dating site for the disabled and non-disabled in the UK and Ireland
  • Find your soul mate and end your loneliness
  • Free registration
Disability Match
  • #1 Site for UK Disabled Singles
  • Disabled singles dating, friendship and love!
  • See And Hear Members Live On Their Webcam.
Enabled Dating UK
  • Meet someone special in a fast and easy matter
  • All members shares something in common, be it deafness, learning difficulties, multiple sclorosis
  • Membership is totally free
Disabled People Date
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What is the best Dating Agency for people with learning disabilities?

Today, dating for people with a learning disability has become a lot easier with the majority of people having access to the internet. Those who live with any kind of learning disorder now find many opportunities online for connecting with other singles with similar backgrounds and meeting like-minded friends.

Dating services for the learning disabled often come as a social network and with a vast online community including many people with various disabilities.

Furthermore, they aren’t solely for people who are disabled, but for anyone who might be interested in meeting new people and singles interested in a serious relationship.

1. Love2meetU

luv2meetyou logo

Luv2MeetU is an offline agency dedicated to connecting adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. Its main goal is to enable friendships and relationship in an easy and accessible way, by coordination and organizing various group events via their agency.

While dating is not the main focus of Luv2meetU, it is encouraged, since dating as well as meeting new people can be harder for people with any form of learning disabilities.

While young adults in the UK are affected more than ever from social Isolation, this dating and friendship goes out of its way to provide a friendly and social environment for its members.

They organize social events and outdoor trips for their members on a regular basis:

  • Speed dating
  • Picnics/ outdoor events
  • Shopping trips
  • Movie nights

As a matchmaking and dating remains of their focuses, they are also involved in matching members based on their personality and compatibility. Furthermore, they take interest in creating sustainable and long-lasting relationships for all young adults with learning disabilities.

They also make follow-ups after respective date nights, in order to optimize the matchmaking process and provide their members with an optimal dating experience.

2. Myfavouritehello

myfavouritehello logo

My favourite hello is a dating site designed for people with aspergers, autism and learning disabilities. The site was born out of love for a brother with aspergers.

It is designed to help him and wonderful people like him navigate the pitfalls of dating. It’s a safe place full of people who understand each other.

They offer guidance and the tools to help overcome the social obstacles that most people never face. Have a look at what they offer and then if you are interested, say “hello”.

Members can anonymously share their dating anxieties, insecurities and triumphs with each other in the forum. They can learn from each other and feel supported.

My favourite hello features a ‘Dating advice’ area, which offers practical advice on everything from how to message someone, to meeting their parents and what to do when a relationship become difficult.

Is Favouritehello a free dating site?

Membership options are £19 a month or £50 for three months. The service won’t be free because they want to discourage voyeurs and people who aren’t genuinely looking for a relationship.

They don’t lock members into lengthy contracts. They can cancel their subscription any time they want and will only pay for the month or quarter they signed up for.


They are serious about our member’s safety. They are not yet able to vet members to ensure they are genuine so, until they are able, they will rely on members to report suspicious profiles or anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable.

They will send members emails telling them what to look out for when communicating with their matches.

They also have articles on dating safely. They are a new service, so it’s important to on-board as many new members as possible. There will be a short period where members might not have as many matches as they would like them to have, but it won’t be long before new ‘hellos’ come flooding in.

3. Happily

happily logo

Happily is a dating agency focusing on the needs of singles with autism and learning disabilities. They are main office is located in West-London, however they are planning to expand to the following regions in the UK as well:

  • Ealing
  • Brent
  • Hammersmith
  • Fulham
  • Kensington
  • Chelsea
  • Richmond upon Thames
  • Wandsworth
  • Hounslow
  • Westminster 
  • Harrow

Authenticity of other members are guaranteed by an extensive sign-up procedure, which require letter of references by qualified personnel such as doctors, care-takers or social workers. This confirms that all members are qualified for the platform and bring with a learning disability an autistic disorder and that happily is a fitting dating service for all user.

Consultation Meeting£25.00
12 Month Membership£150.00
A personal consultationMembership exclusive to people based in London
Unlimited introductions with our membersNew project without a ton of matchmaking experience
Support to meet new peopleElabororate registration process required
Invites to fun social events and workshopsLetter of references not accepted by parents or relatives

Is there a free dating site for people with learning disabilities or autism in the UK?

autistic-dating logo

Autistic Dating can be a valid option for people with dyslexia or any kind of learning disorders in search of a serious relationship in the UK.

Since many people with learning disabilities also struggle with mild forms of autism, offers the opportunity to meet similar-minded singles in a safe and friendly space.

It offers a great chance for people with certain social disabilities who are looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend to get in their foot in the door and have a friendly chat with like-minded folk.

All Information submitted in the chat-rooms and to the site will remain confidential and not be given to third party users.

Are dating sites for adults with learning disabilities safe?

All people with learning disorders and any forms of autism are welcome to register on this site. The site keeps a close eye and monitors user profiles for their authenticity. If any profile does not seem legitimate, they will remove the user from its dating site.

Privacy and Safety for its users are of utmost importance to the providers. In general, dating providers for people with disabilities make sure to keep a tight net, since privacy and safety are a big issue for their users.

Young Adult learning for school.

How does a learning disability affect your dating life?

For some people it remains a minor inconvenience more than a disability, but for many affected adults it can take a toll on many aspects of their life.

What many people outside the disability spectrum do not know is that specifically a learning difficulty often comes with a vast array of other problems and challenges in their life.

From socializing to managing day-to-day life, it can be extremely hard and frustrating not only for the disabled people themselves but for their respective partners and spouses as well.

In addition, a learning disorder often times goes hand in hand with other diagnoses such as ADHD, autism or even bipolar disorders, which can aggregate the condition and minimize chances of finding love.

Fortunately, many people suffering from respective conditions do manage to find a partner and lead a healthy and committed relationship.

Find other singles with learning disabilities online today!

Unfortunately, some partners might develop the feeling of not coming eye to eye and you not being able to keep up them. This impairs the chances of a healthy relationship and makes it even harder for learning disabled singles to find love on regular dating sites.

For this reason, many learning disabled singles turn to specific dating sites which cater to their special needs and connect them with conscious and tolerant people.

Alternatively, you may choose to hire an offline dating agency, in order to pair you up with your future partner. We are confident you will be able to find your perfect match sooner or later, be it online or even in real life!

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