The Best Spiritual Dating Sites & Apps to meet your Soulmate in the UK

Spiritual Singles
  • Oldest, largest exclusively conscious, spiritual online dating site
  • Its goal is to facilitate conscious connections in the United Kingdom
  • Video Chats offer you a safe, easy way to spend virtual quality time together
  • Eharmony has 20+ years of trusted matchmaking under its belt
  • 600,000 active members in the United Kingdom
  • Free registration
  • One of the longest-running online connection sites for spiritual singles, with many active members in the UK
  • Inspired by the Eastern spirituality notions of dharma and karma
  • Many of its members identify as Buddhist, Hindu, or Yogi
Free Spirit Singles
  • Dating service for free-spirited, mindful and enlightened people
  • High female to men ratio: ♀57% ♂ 43%
  • Prioritises Privacy and Data-Security of its members
Conscious Singles
  • One of the pioneers of conscious and mindful online dating
  • Find yoga and eco-conscious retreats, spiritual journeys, conscious festivals, workshops, classes, meditations
  • Register for Free

A quick review of the best dating sites for spiritual singles in the UK

When looking for the best spiritual dating site, one should always make sure that the provider you are considering ticks of the following boxes of distinct features such as:

  • User-friendliness
  • Are its members as mindful and esoteric as the site suggests?
  • How active and engaged are its members?
  • Is the website part of a corporate network?
  • How safe is your private data?
  • Does the provider offer a mobile dating app in addition to the website version?
  • Do they organize and coordinate real life events and meetings, such as Yoga workshops or mediation retreats in the United Kingdom?

Fortunately there is an array of quality dating services catering towards mindful and conscious-minded singles.

Spiritual Singles – The pioneer of spiritual dating websites

spiritial singles logo
DurationPrice per MonthTotal
1 Month16£/ Month16£
6 Months12£/ Month72£

Being one of the oldest and reputable conscious dating services in the UK, they naturally have a very large and active membership-base.

While the free version of the site lets you chat and mingle to a certain extent, you will hit a paywall eventually.

If you want to chat without restrictions, we recommend upgrading to the premium version, since you will be limited to reading and replying to instant-messages only in the basic-version. The Prices range from 16£ to 12£ on a monthly basis.

In addition to being a dating site for the spiritually minded, they regularly host events and workshops for their members in order to connect in real-life.

You can find yoga classes, eco-conscious retreats, spiritual journeys, conscious concerts, workshops, classes, meditation workshops and much more on their website.

These frequently hosted live-events are a great way to find life-long friendships with kindred people, in addition to the opportunity of finally meeting your soulmate.

Free Spirit – Another valid alternative to find and chat with your soulmate

free spiriti logo

This website is mobile friendly. They have many different features making it easier and faster to look for people you are most interested in.

One of the best unique features on FreeSpiritSingles is a membership that gives you total privacy while chatting and connecting with other mindful people.

Another feature is a membership which grants you extra exposure among other members and promotes your profile listing. This feature is for those who would like to find long-lasting love in an efficient and easy way and be seen by all the active members.

How does spiritual dating work?

Where do I find my soulmate? Especially in our time – where superfical traits and appearances are so dominant- spiritual people find it difficult to meet a soulmate. This is where spiritual dating services help people find mindful connections in a meaningful way.

What is spiritual dating? We understand it to be a new form of meeting and getting to know each other.

We refer to spiritual or conscious dating when meeting like-minded people who are looking for a deeply rooted spiritual connection. Mindful singles want a life partner with whom they can develop their spirituality and their divine connection to the world.

For those who embark on the journey to the spiritual side of life desire a companion for this spiritual path. In the partner search based on empathy and intuition, we open ourselves to new dimensions of spiritual growth.

This unconventional dating has made it easier to get to know open-minded and positive-thinking people. Dating platforms that specialise in soul-matching achieve better results for their members than conventional mainstream dating sites.

If you’re tired of not finding anyone who lives according to your set of values and morals, or if you’re having trouble with conventional dating, you should definitely try a spiritual dating site or an app.

We will explain the basics and the most important details of mindful dating providers in the UK.

How can you benefit from choosing a spiritual dating service?

According to a renowned meditation guru, a spiritual partnership is defined by the common goal of equal spiritual growth.

Both partners benefit from the relationship to the same extent and support and complement each other in their spiritual development.

In a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, both participants live by a positive mindset and support each other in their spiritual growth.

Unlike people who allow themselves to be confined by superficial values and appearances, preconceived opinions and judgements, spiritual people have spiritual help to overcome physical limitations.

Spiritual singles try to achieve clarity and singleness for a fulfilled life through yoga, meditation, breathing and a wide variety of therapies.

In the long run, a relationship can only be successful and meaningful for all involved if both are at peace with themselves. The point is not that the partner completes us, but that we can develop autonomously but together.

For a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, which should promote the respective growth, both participants should always display a positive mindset.

This is the general mantra for spiritual people to begin with.

While many people still allow themselves to be affected by external stimuli and preconceived opinions and judgements, there are many spiritual people who, with spiritual help, transcend the home-made limitations.

In love, we mirror the challenges of our own ego and often struggle with our own humble inadequacies.

Here, the holistic partner search facilitates our efforts to realise our essence through a soul partnership.

Self-differentiation and authenticity allow us to build sustainable, soul-connected relationships with others.

A partnership can only be successful and meaningful for everybody involved in the long term if both people engage in collective consciousness.

What are the advantages of using a spiritual dating site in the UK?

There are a number of dating sites that cater exclusively to spiritual singles. To your benefit you will mainly meet people who fit the following criteria:

“Conscious dating” or “spiritual dating” involves being:

  • Divinely Connected
  • Present and Open
  • Caring
  • Authentic
  • Singles wanting to engage with other humans on a deeper level
  • believing in a higher power

These are classic niche sites that are complementary with a wide range of matching features and chat features for their choice of partner.

In the first step of creating your profile, you are usually required to answer a series of questions about your attitude to life, your values, your mental state and your spiritual path.

Next you can fill out your profile as detailed as possible. Make sure to choose an appealing, authentic profile picture, that conveys a good “vibe”.

Even if you put great value on the inner life of a new partner, the photo often reflects your inner self. As you know, the eyes are the window to the soul.

Is there a dating chatroom for spiritually-minded people looking for a soulmate?

Yes, there is! We have reviewed the best providers and dating services for spiritual partnerships and displayed our favourites in the ranking table above. Potential soulmate-singles are waiting to be contacted by you via chat.

Don’t hesitate to make the first step, since the esoteric community is usually very open-minded towards new individuals.

Sign up now with one of the many providers and possibly find your esoteric Romeo or Juliet. With some spiritual dating services, the chat features is free and offers unlimited use.

Other providers charge a fee for each message sent. Please read the terms of use carefully.

There are also independent web forums and sites for communication and chat between people with spiritual values.

If you are only interested in contacting and “chatting” with like-minded individuals, it is best to try one of the latter alternatives.

But if you want to meet other people in real life, then we recommend using an online dating site for esoteric singles as a first step.

How can I meet British spiritual singles online?

Would you like to meet a dream partner who shares many of your personal interests? Do you enjoy doing yoga in the park, meditating or performing fulfilling breathing exercises?

These line of online dating websites provide a safe environment for like-minded singles and individuals seeking an emotional and deeper connection with others.

Why are more and more spiritually minded singles using spiritual dating apps ap?

Many people journey in search of a partner in order to fulfil an externally motivated role indoctrinated by societal conventions. Supposedly in pursuit of leading a life according to societal standards.

For them, single life has no “raison d’être” because they see themselves as unattractive and unworthy. As a result, they rush into dissatisfying or unfulfilling life situations.

Cultivate a positive, appreciative basic attitude towards yourself and thereby towards others. Self-love is the basis for approaching others.

Celebrate moments of clarity, joy and stillness within yourself. Through this you shine in your essence, which an intuitive person can recognise.

Dating sites are often uncharted territory for esoteric people. This is also possible online, as your images and words bring your personality to life in virtual space.

But don’t reveal too much about yourself in your profile or in the first chat. Because spiritual partnership is about gently approaching the inner reality of another person’s life.

Cultivate a steady mystic, a gradual unveiling of your spiritual side. By doing this, you will not be disappointed upon meeting on the first real date and be able to discover each other’s personalities authentically.

Maintain your integrity

Sometimes dates don’t go as expected. You get along quite well, but the spark just won’t manage to skip.

Especially in the digital age of Snapchat, Instagram and sexualized dating apps, it’s important to maintain decency, a degree of humility and respect towards others and yourself.

You may have heard of “ghosting” or even experienced it yourselves at one point. It describes the act of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing all forms of communication.

It is incomprehensible and distressing for the one being “ghosted”, as he/she is left completely in the dark.

For this reason, we should make sure to remain respectful, polite and openly share your feelings with your date.

If you are no longer interested in the person or have met someone else, be honest and let her know respectfully.

Let the other person know and communicate the problem or misunderstanding. You will feel better and more at peace with yourself afterwards.

Always maintain your integrity and treat all singles you are in contact with with honesty and respect. This is the only way to meet your soulmate.

How can spiritual communication help my relationship?

For singles with esoteric interests, communication builds the basis for a successful and satisfied partnership.

Due to digital media and technologies, interpersonal communication is suffering.

This is not because of increasing consumerism or the ubiquitous presence of smartphones in our lives, but because of ourselves.

As spiritually oriented people, we seek a deeper and more sustainable access to the world.

When we stay actively in conversation and are in lively exchange with our dream partner, we create a spiritual space for soulful closeness, even in a thoroughly networked world.

Relationships are often hard work. But in a soul-connected partnership, words build a bridge as a trusting exchange in an intimate connection.

Join the spiritual dating community in the UK!

We guarantee, there is a dating website for everybody in pursuit of searching a mindful or conscious partner. Enjoy an unprecedented peaceful and relaxed atmosphere where new friendships and relationships are created each day.

Sign up today!

You will experience a loving community of empathic people who, like you, are enthusiastic about esotericism and spirituality. Here you are guaranteed to develop new valuable experiences and relationships with all kinds of people.

Don’t hesitate to find your next partner and potential soulmate online today!

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