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Online dating services can be a thin line to walk for transgender singles. While the offline world is hard enough, the prospects for finding love on online transgender dating services actually look a lot better.

Alternative Transgender Dating Apps & Sites to try out

myladyboydate.comFor big cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, there are endless ladyboy dating opportunities, which you can filter through with My Ladyboy
butterfly.datingModern mobile dating app dedicated to transforming social experiences for transgender singles, by matching them with non-binary and CIS people.
tgpersonals.comTrans personals for people who are looking for a dating service that is completely free and matches you with local singles in your area.

Of course one has to distinguish between conventional and reputable providers and specialized trans-niche dating sites. Many online matchmaking services do not even include the option of identifying as a transgender person.

Whereas trans dating sites, offer unexpected opportunities, which come as a welcome change for a severely discriminated minority in the UK.

All users can exchange experiences with like-minded people and meet and chat with interesting and open-minded members of the LGBT community in the United Kingdom. Here, one would not have to worry about being stigmatized or discriminated against because of one’s non-binary or gender fluid perspective on gender and sexuality.

Dedicated trans dating sites are tailored towards transexuals, humans who identify with their non-biological gender or crossdressers who like to play the lady boy. Needless to say, CIS-singles are more than welcome to join the club and explore the perks of trans dating.

How can I find the best transgender dating site to meet other TS singles in the UK?

Another area where you can definitely meet trans girls and boys are the places to discuss various issues and topics related to the transgender community.

It is also possible for trans girls to just hang out in the chatroom to chat in a casual setting and talk about mutually relevant topics and pressing issues.

The best and easiest way to meet transsexual singles is to find a dating service, that targets trannies and trans-friendly people, who are interested in meeting and dating a non-binary person.

Here you will be able to find a monumental array of trans contacts of your liking.

Before doing this you should have already established your own intentions and goals. Are you willing to engage in an honest and serious relationship, with an endearing and supportive partner at your side?

Or do just want to let of some steam by hooking up with a pre-op shemale or a trans-women on a sex date?

If it’s the latter one, you may be pleased to hear that the majority of the trans-folk and TS-sites focus on uncommitted and no-strings-attached dating.

However, if it’s the former one, you should learn to distinguish between casual trans dating services and the ones heavily focused on serious matchmaking.

Navigating the internet when looking for a site that corresponds to ones own sole purpose of finding a loving trans-partner, can be a tough ride. Yet you will find an appropriate website or a dating app in the end.

In order to help you make the best decisive choice, we have reviewed a handful of promising candidates, which all trans singles should take into account.

butterfly logo

Butterfly is the first trans friendly dating app in the UK. It is designed for TS and CIS people who are looking for a partner with serious intentions and for people who seek an open and fulfilling relationship with a transgender person.

From the get-go it is clear that all members have signed up with the clear intention of finding a non-binary partner or a trans-friendly CIS-boyfriend.

Apart from being fetishized frequently, transsexual singles are often marginalized or rejected on conventional dating apps for not fitting into traditional gender roles. The creators of this app have advocated for a trans-friendly dating variant and come up with an application that caters exclusively to an inclusive trans-friendly crowd.

Here, people of the third sex do not have to feel stigmatized and can freely concentrate on finding a partner and discover the fun of dating for themselves.

The trans-friendly atmosphere is made clear directly upon registration. When creating your profile, you have the option to choose between several gender options.

Also, once you have completed the registration, you may go back if necessary and change your already selected gender to a different one.

For example, the app allows pre-op trans-women to update their current gender in their user profile after they have undergone gender-transformation treatment. This attention to detail is what makes this trans dating app stand out and can therefore be recommended to all CIS and non-CIS people.

2. Mytransgendercupid

mytransgendercupid logo

Mytransgendercupid was initiated by the developers of Myladyboy, also a trans-friendly matchmaking service from Southeast Asia. The term ladyboy seems to be somewhat prejudiced in the West and is often negatively associated with prostitution and pornographic content.

For this reason, the developers decided to found Mytransgendercupid, which is focused on matchmaking and getting to know each other among “trannies” and trans-friendly men.

Mytransgendercupid emphasize the fact, that they are a serious provider on their website by stating the following:

“On My Transgender Cupid we offer you the right platform to find true love as a transgender woman. Here, you will not find short flirts, but only people with the same serious intentions. The men on our website want nothing more than finding a beautiful relationship with a trans woman. True love meets here! And that makes us proud.”

So if you’re interested in shemale-hookups, you’re better off elsewhere.

3. Mytranssexualdate

mytranssexual logo

The founding team of MyTranssexualdate consists of 100% “trannies” whose aim is to make it easier to find, meet and get to know other TS singles in our society.

The platform is therefore completely free for transsexual men and ladies. In order to be able to use the “tranny chat”, men are asked to take out a paid subscription.

By upgrading to the premium version, you may engage in unlimited chats and online conversations with other members and enjoy the courtesy of sending your flirt a virtual gift.

4. Grindr


Grindr is the self-proclaimed biggest social platform and safe-space for members of the LGBTQ community. While seeming like the obvious choice for safe casual sex and romantic encounters, back in the day Grindr did not fair well with their trans-members.

A high number of transgender and trannies accounts were frequently reported by other CIS-members.

Nowadays, Grindr has cut ties with their controversial treatment of TS-members in the past and now provide a safe haven for all LGBT-singles to explore their sexuality and have fun.

This dating app should definitely always be on the top of your agenda, when mingling and toying with the idea of finding love or sex online.

5. Shemalemarket

Shemale Market is one of the most established platforms for transsexual male and females in the UK. It has been offering the opportunity to meet interesting and hot-blooded singles, mostly on a no strings attached basis, for years.

In addition, Transen-Dates offers a serious contact point for “pre-op” ladies and men, i.e. persons whose gender reassignment has not yet been completed. These persons are so-called “she-males”, alluding to the half-finished gender transformation.

While this service provider boasts a modern and captivating platform with high user-friendliness, the majority of its users have casual intentions.

So anyone with serious intentions and certain aspirations toward marriage or a relationship might be in the wrong place. In general, most tranny dating services in the UK focus on steamy hot affairs, rather than legitimate matchmaking.

What is the difference between a transsexual and a transgender dating service?

When looking for a suitable trans site in the UK you may differentiate between transsexual and transgender dating sites. Since both terms describe two different gender identities.

The two core terms in this category often spark slight confusion for people, as they both refer to the same non-binary gender identity. All transgender people are referred to as trans or a more derogatory term: “trannies” or “shemales”. However, not all transgender people are transsexual.

There are many possible answers to this question. One way of understanding the transgender concept is in terms of personal gender perception. That is, which gender they assign to their person regardless of physical or biological traits.

This is also the reason for the “gender dichotomy” that many young trans people go through, which often becomes apparent at a young age and they do not see their innate gender as binding.

Transsexuals are transgender people who consciously decide to have their gender changed and transition to the opposite sex because they identify with it.

In addition, there are many other smaller collective terms that are often used. Apps and singles sites for LGBT singles usually have the following gender options for “trans singles”:

  • Cisgender woman
  • Cisgender man
  • Crossdresser/ transvestite
  • A transgender woman
  • A transgender man
  • Transsexual (Post-op)
attractive blond woman

How difficult is it for trans-singles to find a partner on a dating website?

Research continuously shows the loyalty and solidarity between members of the trans community in the UK. Ultimately, each individual has the freedom to decide with whom they want to meet and dedicate their selves to.

Nevertheless, there is a long way to go before trans people are fully integrated into our society. Exclusion and discrimination of trans singles on chat forums is still part of everyday life nowadays.

While there is still a long way to go in terms of full acceptance of our trans people in the UK, there are many signs that the situation for queer people will continue to improve greatly in the future.

Contrary to the most common beliefs about trans dating, it is not that difficult if you know how it works.

There are many ways to date a British transgender woman, the most important thing is your attitude and realistic expectations.

Don’t let old prejudices and societal norms limit you. Keep an open mind and then they too will be successful at transgender dating and you will soon find your trans partner!

How can I find trans-singles near me?

If you are eager to shake things up a little and give trans dating sites a short break and switch back to old-fashioned alternative options, your best solution might be to visit nightclubs and bars near you.

The advantage of this way that you meet your date in real life and get to know each other immediately. In many big cities in Britain, such as London or Manchester, events for ts-singles take place on a regular basis.

People of all kinds of backgrounds take part in trans-friendly social events in the UK. Participants include members of the LGBT-Community, trannies or transsexuals as well as Cis-people.

Many dating services that specialize in transsexual people offer so-called “offline events” or speed dating nights from time to time. It is worthwhile for all trans lovers to give it a shot and drop by and mingle with the crowd.

attractive tranny single smiling

Should you pick dating services for trans hookups or a serious relationship?

Here we recommend that you take a look at our ranking list. There is an abundance of serious high quality matchmaking services. Be sure to give one out of the many transgender dating sites a try. Registration is usually for free, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Make sure to pick a serious and established site with a good reputation, if you are searching a serious partner or an honest and committed and long-standing relationship.

There are many casual trans dating services catering towards people who are plainly looking for a good night hookup or a relationship focused on sex. So make sure to do your homework and pick the right site for your purposes.

How to approach shemale dating in the UK?

It is not an option for every man to meet a shemale-woman. And most of the time, your friends don’t know about your preference for trannies – which is why you may want to search for a casual tranny sex date in a discreet and anonymous fashion.

This should not pose a problem, since modern dating services enable you to secretly fulfil your shemale-fantasies away out of the public eye.

It’s as simple as signing up, creating and profile and engage in a few friendly chats with other members of the dating service of your choosing.

Shemale dating are profoundly rooted in casual dating and target a very specific crowd. Either British CIS-men and women, who might have a fetish or a strong preference for transsexual women or men. The other half made up of trans and pre-op women and men ready to have some casual encounters.

In general, you won’t be able to find true love on these kinds of sites, since they are quite aggressively catering towards hookups and sex dates.

The best perks about these kinds of services, is that they connect you with horny British trannies in your area. Under normal, you might not have stumbled upon many of its members.

With dating services tailored towards shemale hookups in the UK you’ll find them quickly and easily – even in your neighbourhood or in your city. Who would want to travel a long way for a sex date anyway?

Very beautiful tranny on the beach.

How to behave on shemale dating sites?

Bear in mind that TS-girls are used to experiencing unsolicited remarks and aggressive behaviour. For this reason you shall be respectful at all times. However, many shemale dating services are strictly geared towards steamy encounters.

Within signing up to this type of providers, you might as well drop your trousers and get going! And that’s exactly what you’ll find at private sex dates with horny shemales in the UK!

Trans girls are well known for not beating around the bush and their aggressive flirting skills. TS contacts know what they are getting into. They enjoy casual fun, hooking up and exploring their sexuality.

Pre-OP trannies are generally considered sex addicts and sex-crazed, you will experience a lot of spontaneous meetings. There are no long conversations in the chat or via messages!

They don’t care if you are CIS heterosexual, bisexual or a homosexual! As long as are willing to meet up with TS contacts, you also want to experience uninhibited sex with them.

What are the advantages of shemale dating sites?

You have the opportunity of meeting local she-males in your region.

If you prefer drags or just want to dabble in unknown territory, this may be the perfect place to let go. You will be able to meet different ts-contacts in just a month and the rest is up to you to decide.

People who register on a dating site are divided into several categories: serious, uninhibited, hungry and curious.
Before you start the adventure, remember that the relationships you cultivate will be virtual relationships. The main advantages are therefore:

  • Freedom: you are in full possession of your dating-profile, and you will the liberty of chatting with your new matches. In addition, if you can filter according to your specific preferences.
  • The ease: you can flirt and flirt with the person you want without having to change locations. You may save one or two cents by using a shemale chat.
  • Choice: Male or females can sign up to a dating website. What is certain is that you will find several people who are looking for the same things as you.
  • Love story: You never know what you will find. Often times a casual fling can lead to a serious relationship. By chatting with new contacts online you can improve your chances of finding love.

How to meet shemales on a dating site?

More and more straight men are looking for trans-contacts to enjoy an erotic adventure. Thereby, it is most certainly not only gay men who are looking for horny contacts living in their city or geographic region.

Many straight men are also sexually open and simply feel attracted towards a tranny or a shemale. But does that make you gay.

Definitely not. No matter whether you are active or passive, no matter whether you only jerk each other’s cocks, suck each other’s cocks or have anal sex: Straight men remain straight.

The stigmatizing idea of men being gay, because they enjoy hooking up with trans acquantances is simply outdated.

So as a heterosexual man it is no problem to meet privately with a transsexual, a transvestite, crossdresser or a girl with male sex genitals. These line of genderfluid words are used interchangeably within this section of the article.

Find out more on how to meet shemales in the UK here!

Many of the trans-girls are drawn to CIS heterosexual gentlemen, that are not afraid of approaching and taking the first step towards a date.

After all, this is also a new experience for the sex partner, who is probably having sex with a trans man for the first time and is still pretty excited!

Our advice: Just give shemale dating a shot, follow the thoughts and see what a sex date with a shemale or tranny is like. You don’t have to be passive and have a happy ending on the first date.

You can always postpone the sexual experience to a later occurrence! Instead, you should take the opportunity to engage in such a trans adventure discreetly and privately and experience a different erotic experience!

You will see: shemales will guide you through the date and pamper you in a way that no woman in this world could!

crossdresser at a lgbt event

Why do British CIS men enjoy tranny online dating?

Compared to women, there are very few trannies. Although you can book a tranny or a demi-boy through escort sites and have her come to your home, you have to pay for this sex adventure. You can also meet transsexuals in some brothels and have sex with them. But again, you have to pay for it

Private sex-dates are probably the biggest perk when meeting with transgenders, ladyboys and shemales.

Many men are drawn to shocking, wild and raw experiences. To experience something that still poses a “taboo” subject for many and is still considered off-limits makes it very appealing to many cis men. For this reason online dating sites focusing on shemales and trannys have skyrocketed in recent years.

TS, Ladyboy and shemale gender – what do the terms mean?

You want to meet trannies, but don’t understand what the individual terminology might be mean? So that you can pick out the offer from the numerous tranny contacts. We have explained the different variations of in the terminology here:

  • TV or transvestite: Transvestites or crossdressers are men who wear women’s clothes. On this site you will find and TV seeks him or her mainly transvestites who wear sexy lingerie for you.
  • Shemale: Shemale is made up of the English words “she” (her) and “male” (male gender). Shemales are mainly transsexuals who appear in porn. But other trannies in the erotic field also call themselves shemales.
  • Ladyboy: Ladyboys or Thai trannies are mainly trannies from the Asian region. Ladyboys are well known in Bangkok, but there are also some here in the United Kingdom.
  • Trans-girls, cock girls and more: In the erotic field there are many terms for transsexual service providers. If you are not sure what kind of transsexual service you are looking for, just ask.

How to chat with British transgender and shemales online?

Whether you’re just willing to hookup or about to hit of a romantic entanglement, when talking to non-binary singles or communicating through a chat messenger online there are a few things you need to consider.

The trans world can be quite complex and difficult to comprehend for strangers and newcomers. To make it simple: try to respect your date at all times, by using the appropriate pronouns to create an accepting and inclusive atmosphere.

Many trans-singles who have been participating in the online dating scene for some time have most likely been exposed to marginalization and microaggressions through ignorant people who don’t know any better.

Regular use of derogatory slang and discrimination can take quite a toll on the mental health of many trans-singles. For this reason, you should make sure to refrain from fetishizing and dehumanizing your gender-fluid acquaintance.

Tranny and Shemale dating is growing to be more and more popular. As a growing number of British men have become more and more attracted to trans women, specifically willing to meet and chat with pre-op women, also known as shemales or trannies.

Lonely trans girl.

Should you use the term shemale when dating pre-op girls?

Generally speaking, the best advice would be to ask first. In addition to using the correct pronouns, you should also respect the gender and the sexuality she claims. Whether demiboy or skoliosexual, make sure to refer to the gender she identifies with.

The term shemale has sparked a lot of controversy in the past and still does to this day. However, the term no longer has a solely derogatory or negative connotation, as one might initially suppose.

Nowadays, the word has become a symbol of trans-empowerment, as they have reclaimed the word from its derogatory usage in the adult film business. More and more TS-Women in the UK are starting to consider themselves as shemales or trannies.

There is no difference between a pre-op-, non-op trans woman and shemales. These terms might have been considered as derogatory words to describe trans-women in the past, but times have changed.

As men in the UK have become more open-minded towards transgender women, the demand for shemale dating sites & apps has risen significantly in the last decade. Nowadays, there is an abundance of shemale oriented dating services, dedicated to connecting eager men with non-op transsexual women.

Shemales and tranny dating services might also refer to dating websites or mobile applications that have a more casual tone to them and are more focused on adult dating more than serious intentions and building long-lasting relationships.

How to meet shemales & pre-op trannies in the UK?

If you want to meet a tranny, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because even if it’s a casual hookup, dating “shingle” contacts is a little different. The reason is obvious: you are not meeting a man or a woman – but a tranny, shemale or ladyboy!

If you want to meet a tranny, there are a few things you should keep in mind

Rule number 1 is extremely important: Your meeting with a tranny is and remains discreet. Neither your contact nor you have to talk about the date. Discretion is very important in tranny dating and is an unwritten law for both of you.

Another rule is: You should talk about your fantasies, your fetishes and your preferences before the meeting. Only if the shingle who is willing to have sex knows what you like, she can follow your wishes and make your date as pleasant and exciting as possible.

You should also clarify beforehand whether this is your first date of this type, what you would like to try out and whether you are active or passive. Based on this information, transsexual contacts can then decide whether it comes to a date or not.

If you decide to sign up with a dating site for tranny and ladyboy contacts, there are a few questions that you should answer in your listing. This way, only those contacts who feel addressed by this ad can write to you.

Are there black shemale dating sites?

Your specifically looking for a black shemale dating sites? Then black tranny dating is the right place for you! Are you looking for an extravagant meeting with poc ladies who want to share their special secret with you? Are you looking for a little fling?

Maybe you are looking for an affair that can offer you a regular balance to your everyday life? You have already experienced a lot sexually and want to go one step further and treat yourself to a special experience?

Or would you like to make someone feel like a real black woman and take her out for a candlelight dinner and give her a nice romantic evening?

On tranny dating sites meeting a black shemale is not out of the ordinary, quite the contrary. Usually they offer you a huge selection of black shemales. It doesn’t matter if you’re into old trannies or even black trannies. You can even meet an exotic dark-skinned ladyboy from Asia here. It’s pretty easy, just give it a go.

Shy woman in front of pink background.

Why are trans dating services your best resource in finding affection?

Numerous niche dating sites and apps exist on the online dating market for any sexual orientation, hobbies, gender and ethnicity. Tranny and shemale dating sites are becoming more and more popular each year, as it is easy for trans singles to find a compatible connection or a casual hook-up on these types of platforms.

There are many providers who could be considered for this. First and foremost is Mytranssexualdate, a popular trans dating website that guides the LGBTQ+ community in their search for solid and fulfilling partnerships. The dating app was designed with a streamlined matching algorithm to bring together users with congruent interests and personality traits.

MyTranssexualDate is an excellent trans dating site that offers you excellent options and a variety of gender options.

You can find trans, bi gay and queer singles on the dating platform. The trans dating app uses the location-based matching system to find the best matches in your area. The dating app has a huge user base which makes it one of the biggest dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community.

Mytransgendercupid is yet another matchmaking service that caters exclusively to the transsexual and transgender community, providing you with compatible encounters, whether on a no-strings-attached or on a serious note.

While dating, CIS people are advised to respect each other’s respective genders and not to awkwardly put them on the spot. Respect their preferences and enjoy a date with them without resorting to the usual remarks or judgemental commentary.

If you are tired of the generic society we live in, it is best to find a community where you are tolerated, respected and valued as a person of the third gender. Nowadays, digital matchmaking agencies and dating apps are the best resource for trans- and shemale singles to feel at ease and to find love or affection in the UK.

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