The best dating sites & apps to meet Romanian girls in the UK

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Romania Kiss
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Have you been looking for a Romanian romance lately? The Balkans are notorious for their stunning and elegant women. Meanwhile, the country is struggling to provide a good future for its citizens

Hoping for a better perspective, more and more single women from Romania are signing up on dating sites to meet men from the UK.

British men are admired by women from the Balkan country for their reliability and their virile looks. With their limited financial resources, they register with various international matchmaking services in order to meet a particular boyfriend from the UK.

What are the best Romanian dating services?

Nowadays, there are also unprecedented opportunities for older British men in their quest for a sought after Eastern European girlfriend.

In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the right service from the plethora of dating services to help you find long-lasting love in the Balkans.

1. International Cupid

international cupid logo

International Cupid is likely to be the first address for many people looking for a partner and also offers you new interesting contacts in Romania as well as for expat singles abroad. Of course, it makes sense that this online service is highly frequented by Romanians living in the UK.

Thanks to the “passport” function, you don’t have to worry about finding your ideal wife from Bucharest or Cluj. In fact, you have the freedom to browse any geographic location.

2. Romania Kiss

romaniakiss logo

At last, a Romanian dating website that matches men and women from the Balkan country. The platform welcomes all Romanian singles.

Of course, non-Romanian singles who are simply looking for a partner in South-Eastern Europe are also more than welcome to join, as well as people who are looking for new friendly chat buddies or individuals eager to learn the Romanian language.

Romania Kiss serves to connect Romanians scattered all over the globe. Though, don’t worry – if you belong to a different ethnicity and would like to socialize with someone from a Romanian background, that’s fine as well.

You can join Romania Kiss for free, upload your own picture and set up a profile, which reflects your personality in an adequate way. Unfortunately, this site is not entirely free to get in touch with other members, you need to sign up for a paid membership.

3. eHarmony

eharmony logo

Meanwhile, Eharmony has garnered a strong reputation by claiming a successful track record of matchmaking. It may very well be the best option for singles desiring a classy partner with serious intentions.

There are exciting events hosted in various cities throughout the UK on a regular basis that you can take part in. Romanians and Eastern Europeans enjoy meeting new people at these kinds of offline events, such as speed dating parties in London or Birmingham.

Eharmony makes it even easier for you with its mobile app version, which is free to use. With the comprehensive filter, you can quickly find a woman or man who suits you.

Now you can quickly get in touch with a nice man or woman. This way you can find your dream woman with a substantially higher efficacy. All you have to do is become a member. It does not get any easier than that? Eharmony guarantees the quickest way to get in touch with a nice gentleman or a nice Transylvanian lady for matrimonial purposes.

How does a Romanian dating site work in the UK?

Platforms based in the UK, which are geared towards for Romanian singles are usually free of charge. Use of certain items of content and features is allowed, yet after a short period of time a so-called “pay-wall” restricts the use of the dating site somewhat.

The restrictions usually relate to certain features of the platform, such as chat messengers and viewing different member profiles.

In addition, pictures and photo galleries of other users on the platform are usually hidden or blurred. By purchasing credits or a monthly subscription, you should be able to have unlimited access to all the site’s features.

Romanian women are drop-dead gorgeous and ideal for men who are looking for a young charming and caring woman by their side, be it for marriage or a casual fling. When it comes to women from the Balkan region, you will not be disappointed.

Once you have found the woman of your choice, you can move on to the next phase of your life. At long last, you will be able to live happily ever after with a sincere and stunning dream woman by your side.

Where to find a marriage agency for Romanian women?

An overwhelming number of young single Romanian women are to be found. Should you wish to get a quick impression, we suggest you take a look one of various catalogue sites focusing exclusively on Eastern European girls seeking a British lad to marry and settle down in the United Kingdom

Here you can quickly get an impression of the variety of young exotic ladies from this south-eastern European country.

As soon as you have had a glimpse of a catalogue sites or a dating agencies “portfolio”, you will never have to worry about finding your significant other again.

In fact, one day you’ll see that some dreams can actually come true. What your Balkan woman really wants is the very best for her family and all the people she loves.

Eventually, you will be able to spend a pleasant and satisfying life with your prospective wife of your dreams.

Eastern European girl.

Is it possible to buy Romanian women?

Do you want to “buy a Romanian bride”? Buying a woman from Bucharest or Transylvania is not literally possible. However, using a reputable marriage broker based in the UK or Romania comes very close.

They charge a modest fee for matching you with your future wife. More and more single men are turning to these agencies in their search for true love.

Moreover, “buying a Romanian girl” is part of the terminology used by dating services to help their clients find a suitable partner.

What are the advantages of a Romanian dating agency?

Romanian dating agencies offer unprecedented opportunities to find a suitable and attractive woman from this specific region.

Once you have registered, you can set the search filter so that, for example, you only meet women with a certain body shape or education level who match your preferences.

Typically, Romanian women who register on a dating app tend to share some common characteristics.

Extroverted and family-oriented, they like to participate in cultural and social events. They also like to meet foreigners and are very open-minded.

For them, family is always the most important thing in life. However, if they meet the right British man, most of these beautiful women are more than willing to move to the UK with their future husband.

You will notice that Romanian women are great mothers and incredibly adept at taking care of their families. They also know how to take care of their husbands.

Although they usually have good career prospects and can work independently, they respect their husbands for being the head of the family. They are often physically active and close to nature.

Mesmerizing blond haired east european woman in a field of flowers.

What do Romanian women look for in a British man?

Brides from Eastern Europe appreciate typical British qualities such as punctuality, reliability and hard work. Being a man from the British Isles gives you an advantage that you can use to your advantage when using international online dating within various mail order bride catalogues.

British men come from relatively wealthy backgrounds and can afford to offer their brides a comfortable quality of life, usually above the Romanian average.

In comparison to Romanian men, British men drink less alcohol and generally have a healthier lifestyle. Women feel responsible for the welfare of the family and take pride in their domestic skills.

Nothing stands in the way of a harmonious marriage, provided a man can respect this in his Romanian partner and give her the space she needs.

In addition, they know how to take care of their man and are happy to spoil the man of their choice.

They respect their husbands as the head of the family, even though they usually have good job prospects and are able to work independently.

Although sometimes too flamboyant for Western tastes, most Romanian women value a well-groomed appearance and a meticulous dress code. However, this is exactly what some English men like in their Eastern European girlfriends.

They are also often athletic and love the outdoors. Their sporting activities include walking, running and winter sports, and some upper middle class women are even excellent tennis players.

How can you find the best Romanian dating sites for your future bride?

Even your potential bride or groom may have particular expectations towards their future partner. At this point we would like to summarise them once again:

  • Be punctual, especially for the crucial first date.
  • Accept the fact that they are in the right, even if they are in the wrong. Try not to get upset with them too quickly.
  • Don’t be flustered if your date can be a little short-tempered.
  • Even though these girls boast a very attractive physique, it doesn’t mean they solely harbour financial interests.
  • Buy her flowers, be polite and listen to everything she says, even if she wants to talk about her family for hours.
  • The points can be summarized as follows: be a gentleman, always charming and courteous. This way you will be able to make your partner happy and satisfied in the long run.
Eastern European lady.

Find the best dating site or app to meet your potential Romanian bride

Do you ever wonder if there is anything in particular that you need to look out for in a Romanian woman? As you know, there are certain prejudices about every country.


This stereotype is particularly persistent for many Eastern women from regions such as Transylvania, Bucharest and Cluj.

This may not always be true, of course, but their character traits are clearly different from those of traditional British women.

Perhaps they are a little more spirited than British girls tend to be. In some ways they are very similar to their South American counterparts.

They also know how to use their sensual charisma to their advantage. Don’t miss your future bride from Romania. It has never been easier to find a wonderful partner from the Balkans.

How high is the divorce rate in Romania?

The divorce rate in Romania is around 2.1 divorces per 1,000 people, which is lower than the European Union average.

What are the most popular dating apps in Romania?

Some of the most popular dating apps in Romania are:
1. Tinder – One of the most popular dating apps worldwide.
2. Sentimente – This is a local dating app in Romania that is designed specifically for Romanians.
3. OkCupid – This dating app uses a comprehensive questionnaire to match users with compatible partners.

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