The Best Eastern European Dating Sites & Apps in the UK

  • Numerous young Slavic singles hoping to meet a British partner
  • Over 50.000 active users
  • Free registration
  • Legitimate Ukrainian Matchmaking Platform
  • Thousands of young Ukranian singles seeking to marry a British Gentlemen
  • Free registration
  • Cupid is an international matchmaking platform connecting singles all around the world
  • Over 100.000 active users
  • Free Registration
  • Excellent Dating Service for young slavic women willing to settle down with a British husband
  • Over 500.000 members
  • Free Registration
  • Leading Russian Dating Site With Over 2 Million Members
  • Easily browse through 1000s of singles to find the perfect partner
  • Free Registration
  • Thousands of happy men and women have met their soul mates on UkraineDate
  • The #1 Ukrainian Dating Site With Over 1,000,000 Members
  • Free Registration
Romania Kiss
  • Matchmaking & personals site that specializes on bringing together beautiful Balkan based girls and those seeking Eastern European women for marriage and chat
  • 50,000 active members
  • Free registration
  • Leading Personals Dating Site With Millions of Members
  • Easily browse through 1000s of singles to find the perfect partner for you
  • The usage of Fdating is completely free
  • Connecting singles across the world with Eastern European partners
  • High female to men ratio: ♀54% ♂ 46%
  • All members are personally confirmed by the staff to prove they are real
  • Leading Dating Site for dating foreign partners from Poland with Over 2 Million Members
  • Easily browse through 1000s of singles to find the perfect partner for you
  • Free Registration

Tens of thousands of women from Eastern Europe dream of meeting a loyal and supportive Western gentleman in the hope of securing a better life in the UK.

More and more Eastern European girls are joining online dating sites to fulfil their dream of finally meeting a classy and sophisticated British man.

What are the best dating sites to meet Eastern European ladies in the UK?

If you prefer beautiful young Eastern European women to a local girl, then you may want to consider an online dating service rather than your typical local dating app.

For this reason, we have reviewed and compiled the best Eastern European dating services to help you make an informed decision about your future partner from the East.

1. SingleSlavic

There are many bridal dating sites on the web, and many of them deal with beauties from Slavic countries. It is not easy to make a definitive choice about which source to subscribe to.

Single Slavic is undoubtedly a site you can trust in your search for happiness. But before you decide, it makes sense to take a closer look at how this service works.

This is one of the fastest-developing platforms. The number of Slavic girls who use this platform is astounding and growing every day. Of course, registration is free.

Once you’ve decided on a price that suits your budget, you’re basically free to choose from a rich pool of young and sophisticated Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian women.

ukranianbrideforyou logo

2. DateUkrainianGirls

DateUkrainianGirls ensures all members can find someone to enjoy and build a romantic relationship with. It’s not easy to find a special person who matches your intellect, so our website is a fantastic communication tool to help you find your dream partner.

Their service is caters towards women from Ukraine, the Caucasus mountains and British men, however, everyone is welcome to join.

The costs are modest and within reach for members, and match up to the pricing standards on the dating app market.

The app uses a points currency system, therefore it does not propose any monthly subscription options. Using these points, users are given access to a range of effective communication tools, that can help enhance their chances.

After your initial payment, you have the option to purchase credit packages ranging from a minimum of 20 points to a maximum of 750 points.

  • 20 points are priced at £2.99
  • 50 points at £19.99
  • 125 points at £44.99
  • 250 points at £69.99
  • 750 points at £149.99

Additionally, DateUkrainianGirls offers free sign-up and features.

  • 20 points welcome credit
  • Read emails from other members
  • Wave to other members
  • Read messages
  • Upload photos and videos.
  • View other profiles

Paid features include:

  • Sending mails which cost 10 points for the first mail and 30 points for subsequent ones
  • Viewing photos and videos is also a paid feature. 10 points for every photo and 50 points for every video
  • A photo in the Live Chat costs 10 points, and Live Chat sessions cost 2 points per minute
  • Requesting a date costs 625 points
  • It costs 2 points to comment on a member’s profile photo

Is Dateukrainiangirls worth joining?

DateUkrainianGirls is an excellent dating service to meet people from around the globe and have romantic experiences. The platform acts as a bridge for men in the West and women in the East and encourages cross-cultural relationships. Give the platform a try and find your long-lasting companion.

DateUkrainianGirls is an online dating platform with an easy-to-use interface and a rewarding points scheme for payment. Its focus is connecting women from the eastern regions with men from the west, but individuals of any nationality are welcome to join.

3. Russian Cupid

russian cupid logo is a niche dating site that helps British men find Slavic women.

The leading dating site RussianCupid has over 1.5 million members. Registration is free and allows free viewing of potential matches.

Users of this established dating service have access to messaging, advanced matchmaking and instant messaging features.
Unlike some other websites, offers a friendly, personal service combined with the latest technology.

It also understands the motivations and aspirations of people from different backgrounds looking for their ideal match.

How much does Russian Cupid cost?

Platinum Membership
1 Month35 GBP / Month35 GBP
3 Months24 GBP / Month71 GBP
12 Months12 GBP / Month140 GBP
Gold Membership
1 Month30 GBP / Month30 GBP
3 Months20 GBP / Month60 GBP
12 Months10 GBP / Month120 GBP

4. UkraineDate

It is not easy to find a reputable source for mail order brides. After all, it has to be of high quality, with an abundance of tempting profiles of attractive women who are willing to chat. It has to work and provide all the necessary services.

If you are looking for such a service, UkraineDate may be the platform you have been looking for. By focusing on Ukrainian women and refugees, the platform allows you to browse through profiles to find the ideal dating companion.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your time weeding out women who simply aren’t your type.

It’s worth trying your luck on UkraineDate because of the secure process, the large number of members and the inexpensive premium membership.

At its core, it is a Ukrainian dating platform developed by Cupidmedia in Australia. As such, its design may be identical to that of, with the only difference being that there are probably fewer members here. Otherwise, the above applies.

Again, a visually and content-wise appealing site with an international audience and an excellent mobile dating app version.

How much does Ukraine Date cost?

Basic Membership
12 Months11 GBP / Month132 GBP
3 Months22 GBP / Month66 GBP
1 Month33 GBP / Month33 GBP
Gold Membership
12 Months10 GBP / Month111 GBP
3 Months19 GBP / Month56 GBP
1 Month28 GBP / Month28 GBP

5. International Cupid

international cupid logo

International Cupid is one of the largest and most popular matchmaking websites designed specifically for international dating. Unfortunately, there is no complementary dating app, but you can easily access and use the mobile-optimised website with your smartphone.

As the aim of the dating platform is to specifically match singles from different countries, there are many features on the site to make this possible. These include automatic translation tools to aid you in communicating with foreign single women around the world.

You can be sure that the singles you meet on the site are interested in a serious relationship. InternationalCupid is also part of a larger network of similar singles sites, each serving a specific region or country. So if InternationalCupid is too generic for you, you may want to consider one of the previous recommended sites as an alternative.

How much does International Cupid cost?

Duration Costs / MonthTotal Costs
Gold Membership
1 Month28.00 GBP / Month28.00 GBP
3 Months19.00 GBP / Month57.00 GBP
12 Months10.00 GBP / Month115.00 GBP
Platinum Membership
1 Month33.00 GBP / Month33.00 GBP
3 Months22.00 GBP / Month66.00 GBP
12 Months12.00 GBP / Month144.00 GBP

How has the internet affected Eastern European Dating in the UK?

For this reason, it has never been easier to match British men with foreign women. In addition, the fees charged by dating sites can vary, but they are reasonable and affordable for most British lads.

Occasionally, some services also offer massive discounts and generous promotions for new members, making it even more convenient to meet and chat with Eastern and Slavic girls.

The ease of online dating is the main factor encouraging so many girls from countries such as Russia, Poland and Ukraine to seek a potential husband from Western Europe.

Many young women in Eastern Europe are looking for a reliable and responsible British man to take care of them for the rest of their lives.

Which countries are included in Eastern European Dating?

Eastern European dating typically includes countries in the eastern part of Europe, including:

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Belarus
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia & Montenegro
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
Ukrainian beauty.

How much does it cost to buy an Eastern-European wife?

So, if you decide to “buy a Russian wife”, you need to know that matchmaking agencies can be divided into expensive agencies and private clubs. All their services are charged by the girls themselves.

An initial amount of 10 to 20 euros is what these so-called “mail-order brides” charge to have their photos placed in Western bride catalogues, online directories or on one of the the agency’s websites.

These fees can be one-off, permanent or perpetual – until the woman finds her future husband.

The clubs or agencies only receive payment from the bachelors they meet. For women, requests, submission of data and promotion of profiles in catalogues are free of charge.

A monthly fee for men ranges from 10 to 35 euros per month. Membership options without payment are also available, in which case payments are collected from men using a processing system. Money is deducted from a credit card or bank account for the use of necessary services.

More recently, there has been a proliferation of dating services that collect money from men solely for the purpose of translating letters, professionally, as the language barrier is the biggest obstacle to such communication. The cost of translating a letter varies between 3 and 5 euros.

Text and video chat rooms are available for a fee, where you can chat “live” with a Russian or Ukrainian woman you find interesting and beautiful.

And most importantly: In the end, you can’t buy love with money. Conquering the heart of a Slavic girl can only be done with charisma, charm and an outstanding character.

Why are Eastern European women perfect for marriage?

But why do so many women from this part of the world come to the UK in search of an educated Western man?

Many people wonder about the motives and true intentions of the various mail-order brides. Basically, it could boil down to a sheer survival instinct and a genuine desire for a better life in the British Isles.

Nevertheless, they are very committed and keen to live a carefree life in Britain. Consequently, they will go to considerable lengths to adapt to local British customs and to be the perfect spouse.

For some, it is hard to understand how grateful many of the registered mail order brides are for choosing to live with you, whether in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Why do mail-order brides choose dating sites to find British men?

In the wake of the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, the humanitarian situation in the former Soviet Union deteriorated. Life can be particularly difficult for women in many former Eastern Bloc countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

In many former Soviet countries, there is little legal protection for women against domestic violence. As a result, almost every woman in the East has experienced domestic violence first-hand.

In addition, heavy alcohol consumption in Eastern Europe (mostly harder spirits such as vodka), especially among men, plays a major role in the rampant violence against housewives and daughters.

Many women live in constant fear of becoming victims of their husbands in their own homes. For many, looking for a husband on dating sites from the UK seems to be a desperate attempt to escape the grey everyday life in their home countries.

For this reason, a growing number of young Slavic women see no chance in a country without progress, and many turn to online dating services to find Western men, particularly from the UK.

Do Eastern European women use dating sites to meet men from the UK?

So why do so many women from poor countries seem to want a British man?

British men have always been highly desirable and sought after by women all over the world. They have admirable qualities and values, making them a popular choice for mail-order brides.

Women from Eastern Europe value the following qualities in a man:

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • A sense of responsibility

British men enjoy an impeccable reputation abroad, especially among Eastern European women. In contrast to many domestic situations in their Slavic homelands, they are rarely violent or oppressive towards their wives.

Above all, a sense of duty, a strong work ethic and trustworthiness are the cornerstones for many Eastern European singles when choosing a gentleman from the UK.

Above all, domestic violence still seems to be an unresolved problem in Slavic households. As a result, many women from rural areas long for a decent man who can save them from this problem.

Lithuanian girl in the grass.

How can you buy a woman from Eastern Europe?

We usually use the phrase “buying an Eastern European woman or wife” to refer to something else. This usually refers to the process of contacting a “mail-order bride” through a legitimate marriage agency or reputable dating site that offers dating services for Eastern European women.

Some things may seem unusual when you first express an interest in an international partner through a reputable dating agency.

For example, “buying women from Eastern Europe” in the jargon means paying the marriage agency something like a mere brokerage fee. There are a wide range of reputable dating sites and services available to help you find stunning Eastern women.

If you are on a budget, you should sign up to a reputable matchmaking website or dating app, as most services offer free registration and only charge a few obligatory fees later on.

You will soon realise how easy and hassle-free it is to connect with attractive single women from Eastern Europe. This way you can meet and chat with Eastern women in no time at all, for very little money and sometimes even for free.

Advantages of a partner from Eastern Europe

  • They are very faithful and devoted to their romantic partners.
  • They are extremely attractive and are known for their sharp facial features.
  • Family is very important to them
  • The divorce rate is usually very low as it is frowned upon in Eastern societies.

As you can see, it is quite easy to find an Eastern European woman for romantic or matrimonial purposes if you choose the right online dating service.

Girls from this part of Europe are very intelligent, beautiful, loyal and family-oriented. In fact, they are best suited for British guys who want a serious and marital commitment.

Finding and contacting single women from Eastern Europe is very easy. All you have to do is find a reputable and legitimate dating app or website available on the internet.

Blonde Moldovian Woman in the Forest.

Why do Slavic girls make the best wives for men in the UK?

As a result of the marked surplus of women in Russia, there is a competitive spirit among them. Eastern European women are always trying to please the male world. As a result, they have developed a strong sense of a well-groomed appearance. In fact, most women are always well-dressed, have an attractive smiles and exude a lot of charm.

One of the most common prejudices about Eastern European women is that they are primarily interested in the money of British and Western men. However, this is not entirely true. In general, Slavic women are very knowledgeable, intelligent and financially independent.

For many Eastern European women, starting their own careers independently is a matter of course. Despite this, they have a particularly strong sense of family. Family ties are significant and play an exceptionally important role in Eastern European society.

The family is seen as the centre of social life and is valued and cherished. As a result, despite their independence, the ladies are very happy to be part of the family circle. Domestic yet confident, this is an essential characteristic of the typical woman from a former Soviet Union country.

They can enchant men in a subtle and charming way. Once you get over the language barrier and have your first conversations, you will find that she has no need to hide from her British rivals when it comes to intelligence.

Find the best dating sites for your East-European bride

Of course, there are always a few bad apples. That’s why we’ve highlighted the best digital alternatives for finding love in the East.

Again, if you have a little more disposable income and are willing to invest in a long-term relationship, you may want to hire a professional dating agency to find you a woman in the East.

Alternatively, you can take the cheaper but equally effective route by choosing an Eastern dating platform or free app that offers location-based services to help you meet girls in the region.

After registering with a traditional dating site, it should be a matter of days or weeks before you find the right match. In other words, don’t be shy and keep her waiting any longer. Your intended Eastern European spouse is waiting for you!

Check out our other international dating site review categories!

FAQ for dating Eastern European women online

What is Eastern European dating?

Eastern European dating involves connecting with women from countries in Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine, Russia, and Poland, through online dating sites and apps. These women are known for their beauty, intelligence, and strong family values.

What are some tips for dating Eastern European women online?

Some tips for dating Eastern European women online include being respectful and polite, taking the time to learn about their culture and traditions, being honest about your intentions, and being patient and persistent in your pursuit of a relationship.

What are some common misconceptions about dating Eastern European women?

Common misconceptions about dating Eastern European women include assuming that they are only interested in Western men for financial reasons, assuming that they are all mail-order brides looking to escape poverty or political instability in their home countries, and assuming that they are all submissive and passive.

How can I tell if an Eastern European woman is genuinely interested in me?

To determine if an Eastern European woman is genuinely interested in you, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly about your intentions and to pay attention to her responses. Look for signs of enthusiasm and engagement in your conversations, and be willing to listen and learn about her interests and experiences.

What should I be aware of when dating Eastern European women online?

When dating Eastern European women online, it’s important to be aware of the potential for scams and fraudulent activity. Be cautious when sharing personal information or sending money, and use reputable dating sites and apps with good security measures in place. Additionally, be respectful of cultural differences and avoid making assumptions or stereotypes about Eastern European women.

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