The best dating sites & apps for autistic people or singles with Asperger’s in the UK

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Being in love can often be very challenging for adults on the autistic spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you should or have to give up any meaningful experiences in life.

On the contrary, exactly how you spend your time on this planet depends solely on how you choose to live a fulfilling existence.

Intimate relationships are one of the most important pillars of happiness in everyone’s life. While you may not be sure that you will find someone special, you should not give up the search too lightly.

Finding a romantic companion has never been so easy for Asperger singles and British people who suffer from a form of autism. Dating apps and online dating sites have become an indispensable part of modern love lives in the UK, particularly for younger people, but also for mature singles.

Dating apps for autistic people in particular are a convenient tool for people who suffer from ADHD, a learning disability or lack of concentration and should not be missing out on modern online dating.

Matchmaking apps for disabled and autistic people give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and so-called “devotees”, i.e. people who are interested in a partnership with an autistic or otherwise disabled person.

What are the best dating sites for adults with Aspergers & autism?

Due to the limited number of “autistic dating” services, we will also consider other conventional platforms in the review that might also cater to a different audience.

Going into the beginning, the big question is how to open up about your disorder. If and in what form you inform the other users about your disorder is entirely up to you. There are, of course, several possibilities. If you don’t want to beat around the bush and get straight to the point, you can make a brief mention in your profile description.

If you don’t want to jump right in and save this potential “soft dealbreaker” for later, you can of course also inform the users in a chat messenger or on a personal date.

Nevertheless, we are happy to present the best dating options for adults with autism and aspergers.

1. Hiki – The best platform for autistic dating

hiki logo

Hiki is the first dating app that offers people with autism a targeted matchmaking service. Whether you are looking for true love or just want to make new friends, Hiki provides the perfect platform.

Unfortunately, Hiki is based in the US, as are the vast majority of its users. However, if you live in the UK, you can still join Hiki without discrimination or difficulty; however, you may find it increasingly difficult to meet others in real life. Depending on your geographical location, this could prove challenging.

The goal of this site is to make dating easy and safe for members of the autistic community; if you live outside the US and feel that Hiki is still good for this, you will enjoy it.

However, if you use Hiki and get involved in a relationship with someone you can’t physically meet, this could present a bit of a dilemma. So you should always take this factor into consideration.

Otherwise, Hiki delivers everything it promises. It provides a “safe space” for autistic people to meet and date, and it does so exceptionally well.

The design and features of this app make it easy and even enjoyable to use, as the developers have spared no expense in making it high quality. Overall, this is a great provider and it is highly recommended for those looking for love and friendship with other autistic people.

2. Okcupid 

okcupid logo

Okcupid is known to be one of the most renowned online dating sites in the world. Especially, the mobile dating app version brings some captivating benefits compared to other well known dating platforms in the scene, such as Tinder or Bumble.

First and foremost, Okcupid considers itself an “alternative platform” where the personality of the users and their stories are highlighted considerably more than on conventional dating apps. Here you can decide for yourself what and how much information you want to offer other users.

OKC’s questionnaire includes several hundred questions – the more questions you answer honestly, the better you can be grouped or “matched” with a like-minded user who might share some of your interests and personality traits.

Basically, OKC users are more concerned with the personal information of others than other providers, where the focus is clearly on first impressions made through pictures.

This alternative focus offers autistic people and singles with Asperger’s the opportunity to convince with your charm and a personal story.

3. Myfavouritehello – For people on the spectrum

myfavouritehello logo

My favourite hello is a dating service developed for adults struggling with autistic disorders that have aspergers, ADHD or learning disabilities. The site owner’s autistic relative lead to them engineering a site geared towards a marginalized minority.

It is designed to help him and wonderful people like him navigate the pitfalls of dating. It’s a safe place full of people who understand each other.

It offers support and digital tools and helpful guides to coordinate dates, social obstacles and every day problems that most folk are never confronted with. Take a look and see if it fits your needs and if you find it appealing, just say “hello”.

Members can anonymously exchange personal experiences, hardships and uplifting words in the forum. They can learn from each other and feel supported.

My favourite hello ‘Dating advice’ area offers practical advice on everything from messaging someone, to meeting their parents and what to do when relationships become difficult.

4. Autistic Datingautistic dating logo can be a legitimate alternative for autistic adults entering the online-dating game in the UK.

Since many people with Asperger also struggle with mild forms of autism, offers you the chance to chat with other like-minded folk in a welcoming community.

Autistic-Dating presents a terrific chance for people with certain social disorders who are looking for a partner or be it a new friend.

All Information submitted in the chat-rooms and to the site will remain confidential and not be given to third party users.

Why is dating so hard for Asperger singles & autistic people?

The online dating process can be intricate. On the road to your first date, you may have to spend a lot of energy getting your profile details filled in, uploading appropriate pictures and manoeuvring your way through lengthy chats or even phone calls.

Eventually, once you’ve found someone who makes you happy, it’s all worth it – however, when you’re in the midst of it all, things can be quite overwhelming and frustrating.

Many British singles are hesitant to embark on their journey of online dating, and for people with a disability, it can be even more daunting.

Here are some hard numbers on statistics regarding autistic dating:

  • 30% of young adult internet users in the UK actively use dating sites.
  • 41% of autistic adults have been in a romantic partnership for more than two months.
  • 44% of autistic adults who use dating sites said they had long-term relationships that lasted an average of 2.65 years.

An alternative approach to online services are regular social events, such as Speed Dating, which are frequently held in major Cities all round the United Kingdom. Offline dating events in the United Kingdom can be effective, but tend to focus on speed dating and are generally more recommended for outgoing and extroverted personalities, rather than people diagnosed with autism.

Attractive shy and introverted lady with Asperger hiding behind a bush.

How can dating apps improve your chances of finding other autistic singles?

For many people who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome or another similar autistic disorder, finding a partner can be even more difficult than it already is. Fortunately, a number of dating apps have been developed in recent years to make it much easier to connect with and get to know other similar minded individuals.

Unfortunately, most of these apps and dating services have not been directly tailored towards people with ADHD or Aspergers, but rather developed for a broader audience. Nonetheless, when it comes to online dating, the chat feature and some pleasing photos can help with landing a terrific long-lasting first impression and eventually result in a fulfilling relationship.

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