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If you are looking for a nice date or a relationship, it is natural to look for it on the internet. After all, online dating is an easy, inexpensive and accessible way to get in touch with other singles.

There are so many dating sites nowadays that it is harder than ever to find the one that is best for you. In this article we will show you what to consider when choosing a dating site and which of the well-known dating sites are currently the best for singles in the United Kingdom.

What should you look out for?

If you want to become a member of a dating site, it is important that you find a dating platform that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Most dating sites cost money and you can’t just join every site you come across.

Moreover, it is often not pleasant to have to divide your attention between several dating sites and is best to focus on a single dating site that perfectly suits your wants and needs. So what should you look for when choosing your ideal dating site?

Not every dating site targets the same group of singles. There are many sites that focus on a general audience, but you can also join so-called niche dating sites. These are aimed very specifically at, for example:

  • Singles aged 50 and over who are looking for a permanent partner
  • Highly educated singles looking for someone of a similar level
  • Single fathers and mothers
  • Christian singles looking for a religious partner
  • Men and women looking for a date with someone of the same sex
  • Singles from a particular city or region
  • It can be very interesting to join such a niche dating site if you fall into a particular target group. Such a dating site certainly has some advantages. There are fewer members, so you can keep a better overview while online dating. In addition, you are more likely to find common ground with each other and thus strike up a conversation more easily.
  • If you do not fall into a certain target group or if you prefer to meet as many different singles as possible, a general dating site is a better choice.

Online dating is the way to find a nice date or a new love nowadays. With dating sites like Eharmony or C-date it doesn’t even have to cost money. If you prefer free dating, we would especially recommend free dating sites because these sites offer a valuable service for minimal fees, while having many active members.

If you prefer the safety and reliability of a paid dating site, then popular sites like eHarmony or Elite Singles are a great option. Membership is relatively inexpensive while you are active on the most popular and most visited dating sites in the UK.

Are you over 50? Then it is better to use a dating site like Ourtime, because otherwise you will quickly fall by the wayside on general dating sites. Even if you are over 60, this is a great dating site to get in touch with like-minded people for a friendship, date or relationship.

Finally, we would like to mention the dating sites for the higher educated because they are very popular with singles with an academic degree. The membership of these sites is a lot more expensive than with the general dating sites, but if you don’t mind that, it will immediately provide valuable matches with people of your own level. In our top 10 in this category, we choose Academic Singles because of its large number of active members.




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