The Best British Indian Dating Sites & Apps for Desi Singles in the UK

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Indian Cupid
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Mingle Guru
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Bharat Matrimony
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In this article we will look at the best Indian and dating sites, as well as Desi matchmaking apps and the advantages and disadvantages of dating agencies for women from India in the UK.

Many Indian singles living in the UK are often looking for a partner with similar cultural and family values. At the same time, there are more and more British men who want an exotic and educated British Indian life partner as they are known for their positive qualities, such as being educated and polite.

For this reason, more and more British-Asian singles are turning to either Indian dating services, which come in the form of a website, an app or as a more traditional agency for matrimonial purposes and marriage.

A brief review of the best British Indian dating sites

There are several dating agencies that specialize in finding Indian singles and Indian women who are willing to get married in the United Kingdom.

If you are a British-Indian citizen that is interested in a partner with a similar background and heritage, a modern online dating platform might come in your favour, when looking for a future husband or wife to be. Today you may choose from a wide array of dating websites, who exclusively target Indian singles in the UK.

indian cupid logo

Indian Cupid is the logical choice for many Indians in India and abroad, as well as for people who might have a soft spot for Indian singles. For this reason Indian Cupid can be considered as the heavy lifter and as the obvious and logical choice within this niche.

Indian Cupid has a user-friendly design and website layout, as well as a secure and modern security system that cares about the privacy of its users.

A wide-ranging customer service, which is available around the clock, shows that members’ concerns are taken seriously and actually dealt with. The operators of Indian Cupid frequently check and monitor all member-profiles , in order to create a safe and wholesome environment free of potential scammers and fake accounts.

The platform already has years of experience in matching happy couples and will continue to do so thanks to its sophisticated and optimised matching algorithm. If you want to find a marriage-minded partner or your bride-to-be from India, this site should provider should be right on top of your list.

The website description says the following:

“IndianCupid is a premier Indian dating and matrimonial site bringing together thousands of Non-Resident Indian singles based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and around the world. You can choose from our extensive list of matrimonial featuring eligible single NRIs. We assist 1000s of Indian and NRI singles find their perfect match every day. Start communicating today via our advanced messaging features.”

2. Bharat Matrimony – The best option for Desi matrimonial purposes

bharat matrimony logo

Bharat Matrimony is one of the biggest dating agencies catering their services to Desi singles in Great Britain. As the name might give already way, its members intentions usually evolve around matrimonial purposes.

Apparently Bharat matrimony has millions of registered active users all around the world. With a global network at your display, you may interact and search for intriguing and classy singles, who share similar core values.

Along with Indian Cupid and Shaadi, Bharatmatrimony should be on top of your list, when considering a serious dating site for marriage purposes among the Indian community in the UK.

3. Aisle – The biggest Indian Desi dating app

aisle app logo

Indias mobile dating app version of tinder. Likewise, for many registered men the sole purpose of signing up is uncommitted sex. At least according to online user reviews. Additionally, it is still riddled with fake profiles.

While its still a relatively new application and it only the hit the market recently, it still might need some fine-tuning for a serious approach. Until then, you might need to look out for other Indian niche services.

What are the benefits of using a dating site for Indian women in the UK?

There are various reasons to use a Indian dating agency. There are a high number of young Desi women whose goal is to have a British man by their side and who set out on a journey to do so.

For the purpose of marriage or a long-term relationship, more and more men as well as women are looking for a reputable marriage bureau to finally make this dream come true.

When it comes to finding an Indian wife abroad, you can rely on legitimate marriage agencies based in the UK and in India. These usually have numerous contacts to Desi ladies willing to get married and charge a high fee for the mediation.

Alternatively, it might be worthwhile to use an online dating platform such as IndianCupid or IndianDating. On these, you pay a modest monthly fee of about 30-40€. In comparison to traditional agencies this price might be quite the bargain.

However an “offline” dating agency might serve you better in regard to success rates.

How does a dating agency for Indian ladies work?

Registration on Indian dating sites is usually free of charge. The use of certain content and features is allowed, but after a short time a so-called “paywall” will somewhat restrict most essential features.

The restrictions usually apply to certain site features, including its chat messenger and browsing of various user profiles.

In addition, the images and galleries of other users usually remain hidden, so that you can unlock all functions of the dating site for a certain amount of money.

Stunning Desi women are perfect for men who are looking for a sincere, well-groomed and loyal wife at their side. By nature, Indian women are extremely intelligent and talented housewives.

With the right significant other at your site, you can start ushering in the next phase of your life and finally fulfil your dreams.

How good are British Indian dating sites?

Indian matrimonial sites work similar to modern dating agencies with the difference that here you will only meet people who are also looking for a marriage partner.

According to Indian tradition and wedding customs, you will often meet parents who are looking for a suitable groom or a charming bride for their offspring. Arranged marriages remain a significant cultural part of every day life in India.

For this reason Desi matrimonial websites might be the right address, when looking for a suitable groom or bride to be.

A southern Desi  woman dressed in traditional religious gown.

What are your chances of finding an Indian bride online?

The chances of successfully finding an Indian bride are excellent. There are an increasing number of Indian citizens living in the UK who long for a British husband at their side.

The process of potential Indian brides is relatively routine with a legitimate placement agency. You may have to make a few attempts and meet several ladies before you find the right one. Sooner or later, however, you will meet the right one.

According to official figures, more than 125,00 Indians have been living in the UK since 2020. The number of Indian citizens is increasing rapidly and is becoming a bigger presence in our society. Moreover, more and more beautiful Indian women are arriving every year.

At the end of 2018, there were just over 124,000 Desi people living in the UK. Thus, the number of people with Indian citizenship living in the UK has almost tripled in the last 10 years.

Thus, the chances are getting better and better that you will find a wife who is already integrated in the UK.

Why should you date Desi women?

Indian women are known worldwide for their warm and friendly character and traditional value. In addition, they are also outwardly desirable.

Almost all Indian girls have very dark, long and thick hair, with brown eyes and naturally tanned skin. Their bodies can be shapely but well put together as they are known to keep themselves in good physical shape.

They spend a minimal amount of time on their appearance because they are so naturally beautiful. Indian women love being the loyal number two in the family. They enjoy and take pride in supporting their husbands.

Indian women manage the home expertly and are adept at pulling the strings and keeping order in family and social matters. They also have fine cooking skills in the preparation of traditional Indian dishes.

Are there singles from the UK on British Indian dating sites?

To this day British Indians make up the biggest visible minority group in the UK. While comprising up to 1.4 million citizens and an increasing number of open-minded millennials at its disposal, the British-Indian dating market offers a sizable number of potential partners.

The younger generations have begun to adapt to online dating apps and many among them have begun to adapt to the British society by adopting an increasingly open-minded attitude towards uncommitted sexual affairs.

Additionally, more and more young people from Greater India are coming to the UK to study or work in the hope of better economic prospects when looking for a job.

More and more “NR” (non-residential) Indians who have moved to the UK, as well as British-Indian women who have grown up here, are now turning to modern marriage portals to find the man or woman for life.

How can you meet Desi women in the UK?

If you don’t want to depend on a dating service to provide you with a new Indian acquaintance, there are still a few alternatives. Nowadays, every major city in the UK regularly host international speed dating events. These provide fantastic opportunities to mingle and flirt with new folk, outside your usual bubble.

In addition, you may familiarize yourself with Indian culture and make new friends in Desi restaurants and pubs.

If you register with a reputable Indian dating site, nothing will stand in your way of finding a fulfilling relationship. Make new interesting friends or possibly finally find your Indian soulmate for good.

Meet your match on the top British Indian dating site!

Indian wives and husbands provide the perfect partners, due to their cultural warmth, open-minded attitude towards foreigners, their athletic nature and their diverse cooking skills.

You will quickly find out that Desi women combine all the qualities to make the perfect wife.

Whether an NRI, i.e. an expat Indian woman who is currently working in the UK or a woman who is currently still staying in India, there is a high number of Indian beauties who are looking for a British man.

For this reason, we recommend an online dating service to meet your future dream wife or husband.

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