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Since 2002, the casual dating website has succeeded in attracting over 24 million members worldwide. Whereas discreet meetings and seriousness are a hallmark of the portal, which also provides men and women from the target country for singles and taken individuals travelling in a digital manner with the so-called “Passport” feature.

This dating site is one of the best globally, although it is neither a personals site with a forum nor a dating agency. It is a regular dating site, including a state of the art mobile dating application in its array of services.

We now devote our review to one of the best sex dating sites the United Kingdom has to offer. This includes our personal opinions as active users and our experience with the rather sleek platform.

We want to let you know how you may enjoy Ashley Madison and all its features. Is it any good or a waste of money, a legitimate dating website or not?
In the future, we will probably incorporate and consider anonymous reviews and a survey.

Through our tips and both positive and negative criticism, we want to educate you so that you can decide for yourself what you think about Ashley Madison and if its worth a shot.

What does Ashley Madison have to offer?

By offering its members a solid set of features, AshleyMadison ensures that you always have several options to look for a casual fling.

On the one hand, the platform offers all essential features of a regular dating site in order to be able to successfully facilitate real life dates. For example, you can browse for interesting members, view their profiles and approach them via chat.

It is possible to chat with other members when they are online, and there is also a feature that can be used when visiting major cities, which makes it easier to find dates at particular destinations or an appropriate travel companion for the trip.

In terms of usability, the platform manages to do a lot of things right, not too much and not too little, all the features make sense and can help you get laid quickly.

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What are your chances of finding a “ONS” on Ashley Madison?

According to numerous experts, you might score pretty quickly. With a total of over six million members worldwide, this matchmaking provider is one of the most comprehensive websites of its kind.

Due to its extensive media coverage, it has attracted a large following over night.

A second crucial factor for your chances of finding a romantic hook-up is the high ratio of women on the platform. In generall sites of this kind attract a higher percentage of men, however an unusually high number of women prefer Ashley Madison over other casual dating sites.

Consequently, men have an easier time finding a woman for a one-night-stand compared to other similar sites and apps.

By targeting women, be it through advertising or with a free membership, Ashley Madison managed to increase both the number of members and the percentage of women and thus enhance the user experience for its male members.

What is the “Affair-Guarantee”?

There is what is known as an “affair guarantee” at Ashley Madison. You will receive your money back if you been able to arrange a sexual encounter via the platform within the first three months of joining. However, the guarantee can only be claimed within a certain period of time.

Nevertheless, not everyone is entitled to a refund. Here, there are some points to consider.

A refund will only be given if you have paid for the most costly premium package, also known as the “affair guarantee”. In addition, you must have created a profile and a photo within the first 30 days and this must have been consistently accessible for 3 months.

On top of that, there are several other conditions: You must have sent at least 20 VIP messages to other users whom you have not previously contacted.

The VIP mail serves to push your message to the top of the inbox and to notify you as soon as it has been viewed.

Moreover, you should have managed to send at least 5 virtual gifts per month and chatted with members for at least 60 minutes during the same time frame.

Customer service and quality

Usability and customer satisfaction ist one of this brands strengths. Registration only takes a few minutes and is limited to the really essentials details such as:

  • Are you looking for a specific type of person (single, married, non-binary)?
  • What are you looking for (affair, casual chats, ONS)?

After you have entered some basic personal information, simply start casually for whatever might appeal to your preferences.

With the user-friendly search tool, you can filter women or men who match your search criteria, such as age or distance within your geographical location.

In the neatly arranged list of fitting individuals, each profile will be displayed with their profile picture.

Also very convenient: It is possible to display only those sinnfull users that are currently online or have been online recently. By doing this, you avoid writing to “deadbeats”.

Beyond that, you can invite women or men who are currently online to a chat.

This allows you to chat more casually compared to a formal email. Next to email and chat, Ashley Madison offers another fuss-free way to grab the attention of others, by sending a virtual wink to prospective affairs.

These short gestures are free of charge and have initiated many successful sexual relationships on the site and app.

How much does Ashley Madison cost?

Basic100 Credits0.50£ / Credit50.00£
Classic500 Credits0.28£ / Credit140.00£
Elite1000 Credits0.23£ / Credit230.00£
Ashley Madison Costs

When it comes to the available memberships and the respective prices, things unfortunately become a little more mirky.

After all, this platform does not rely on a subscription based payment model, instead it utilizes a virtual credit currency system.

To use to the site in its full capacity, the user must a certain number of credits, which he/she then uses to unlock certain features such as reading or sending chat-messages. Nonetheless, signing up and creating a profile remains cost free, as well as interacting with other uses by sending virtual greetings.

However, you are stuck to paying for credits, if you want to interact with other users on a deeper and more profound level. So in its essence this is a costly dating service. This is

The big advantage within this type of payment model : You only pay for what you use; credits do not expire and there is no hassle with dubious automatic renewals.

The price of sending a first message to a woman or man is 5 credits. All further messages with this person are then free of charge. 5 credits cost around one to two £, depending on the type that hasa been chosen.

Ultimately, it’s worth taking a close look at various features and the costs affiliated with respective tools. Once you double down on AM, you might opt for a bigger credit deal, in order to save money.

You have the option of paying efficiently by credit card or with Paypal. The credit card bill will be labelled in a discreet way.

Advice for buying Ashley Madion Credits

In principle, you can simply shop at Ashley Madison with the credits offered. But first you have to decide what kind of credit package you actually want. You can already say in advance that you naturally pay less per credit if you buy several of them.

For example, 100 credits alone cost 49 £. If you buy 500 credits, you only pay 29.80 £ for 100 credits, which is considerably less overall. If you plan more activity and want to “let off steam” here, you can also buy 1,000 credits immediately. In this package, you only pay 24.90 £ for 100 credits and thus save even more.

It can therefore be advisable not only to buy 100 credits, but to purchase a larger number directly.

This way, you will have a lot more options afterwards. Incidentally, you can pay for the credits very easily and there are two very simple and easy ways to do this, for example PayPal and credit card.

In addition, there are also vouchers in the retail trade with which you can pay at Ashley Madison easily, securely and also completely anonymously.

This way, no one around you will know where you are active and you don’t have to justify charging your credit card.

However, if you also want to use the Ashley Madison mobile app without any problems, you will have to pay an additional fee. This should also be taken into account in your planning.

And if you don’t want to buy new credits automatically, deactivate this features in your account.

Security and anonymity at Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is committed to taking privacy and anonymity extremely seriously. this site has already managed to arrange several hundred thousand flings for about 10 years.

This only works if the mediation is anonymous and discreet.

This is guaranteed with Ashley Madison. No one sees your email address or other personal data such as your real name (with Ashley Madison you hide behind a nickname/pseudonym of your choice.

Thus, the only possibility of being discovered when looking for a cheating affair is your profile photo.

However, on Ashley Madison you can set whether this photo is immediately visible to everyone, whether you don’t want to upload a photo at all, or whether you only want your photo to be visible to individuals upon request.

This is a good middle ground if you don’t want to be recognised but still want to be contacted (in our experience, profiles without any photos at all are contacted much less often than profiles with an “average” photo).

Has Ashley Madison implemented security measures against another hack?

Ashley Madison underwent a “Privacy by Design” certification in 2017 because of the last data leak in 2015, according to its website. This is then supposed to protect privacy. However, I have not found out what these security measures actually look like at Ashley Madison.

To make sure that nothing could happen to me in the event of a new hack on Ashley Madison, I naturally set up a fake e-mail address and used a password that I don’t use anywhere else. I’m also very cautious about sharing photos with each other, rather than online via the website.

Ashley Madison Customer Service

The customer service of Ashley Madison can be reached quickly by phone as well as by contact form. In addition, many of the most frequently asked questions are answered in an online FAQ. Since support is even available by phone until 9 p.m., Ashley Madison scores points here in comparison to other sites tested.

A particularly innovative feature of Ashley Madison is the ability to give virtual gifts. In exchange for credits, you can be sure of receiving special attention from a woman or a man. And who wouldn’t be surprised by a bouquet of flowers – even if it’s only virtual?

Overall Evaluation Test Ashley Madison

High security and seriousness are the hallmarks of the Ashley Madison escapade agency. The service is easy to use and you always have the costs under control thanks to the transparent and fair system with credits.

The fact that you can’t take out a subscription here and can use all the features for free as you like are further plus points in our comparison.

Thanks to the very strong increase in popularity, the number of members and the proportion of women will also increase rapidly, so that both men and women have good chances here of arranging a fling, an affair or a short one-night stand in the UK.



Is Ashley Madison for real? Yes, it is. They use 128-bit data encryption technology and track suspicious users to ensure the highest level of security for their customers. Therefore, they use DMCA to ensure user safety. In addition, the site is a member of the RTA and protects children from being left with adult content on the site.


This website has been in operation since 2002 and over the years has become one of the leaders in the adult entertainment industry. Here you will always find many beautiful sexy singles in the network with whom you can chat about various topics and invite them for a sex date if they live near you.


Is Ashley Madison any good? This modern platform is worth registering for. This is an adult website with a great user experience. AshleyMadison is one of the few websites that offer a profile boost service and other discounts. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ashley Madison is worth paying for.


To use the website effectively, you need to perform a few simple actions:
– Log in
– Browse profiles to find girls you like.
– Rate their pictures or send them private messages.


Some of the features on AshleyMadison are free. For example, if you choose to be in the public eye or get access to all the features of the platform, you are willing to pay for it. This way, you get access to all the royal features of the site and can use them effectively.


Anyone can use the website as they wish.


Removing profiles from the system is a very simple one-click process. All you need to do is go into the settings and select the appropriate button. After clicking on the button, you will get the desired result.

What is the average age at Ashley Madison?

The age of the members mainly ranges from 25 to 50.

What does Ashley Madison do about fake profiles?

If you notice profiles, report them. Also, profiles as well as photos are checked, so the release can take up to 1 day on weekends or holidays.

How much does Ashley Madison cost?

For women, the service is completely free. Men pay for the number of credits within one of the three packages they wish to use. See the cost table at the top of the text for prices.

How good is Ashley Madison, is Ashley Madison any good?

The goal of flirting, supported with a high level of discretion, anonymity and confidentiality is clearly achieved. If you show commitment, willingness to make contact and are really active, you will also be successful. An additional feature is the “passport” feature . If you specify your travel period and destination, you will also receive contact suggestions from local members.

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