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Almost everyone is familiar with the term “fetish”, as it has come to be used in everyday language to describe things that one particularly likes. However, this in itself is a misuse of the term, and the uninformed use of the word only shows that there is a certain need for clarification.

Sexual fetishism is the interest in special things or objects that cause sexual arousal. The fetish thus serves as a means of stimulation for sexual pleasure and satisfaction. There are animate and inanimate fetishes, and the boundaries between the two are blurred.

There are materials such as metal, lacquer and leather, or objects such as high heels, nylons or corsets, and body parts such as feet, hair or buttocks that can be fetishized to stimulate sexual desire.

Fetish also includes actions that fall within the scope of sexual practices that belong to the fetish scene. These are mainly bondage, breaking, spanking, role-playing and SM practices.

The perfect platform to embrace your kinky side

Fetish enthusiasts of any kind will find a home for their indulgences at Fetish.com, which you can explore further below. Fetish.com was launched in 2006 by the operators of the fetish.com pleasure platform and is a suitable platform for people who are not interested in hardcore, but just want to indulge in their special preferences. Fetish.com has an impressive number of members.

Since 2011, 250,000 fetishists and those who want to become fetishists have been on the platform. However, the ratio of men to women is very unbalanced, with almost three times as many men registered as women. We give the site full marks for its user-friendliness and attractive design, but take away points for the search filters.

The site attracts fetishists of all kinds, and BDSM enthusiasts in particular are well represented.

The site is teeming with active users, has a clear and modern design, and offers some extra features, such as the possibility of video chats and photo competitions. The forum provides an opportunity for thematic exchange. In one respect, the site is the frontrunner in the UK: no other niche platform has more contacts than Fetish.com.

Who is the target audience?

Fetish.com, true to its name, is a specialized platform and community for BDSM enthusiasts and those seeking various fetish pleasures. Established in 2007, the platform underwent a significant transformation upon its official relaunch in 2012, experiencing a rapid surge in popularity.

Since then, this dating site has piqued the interest of users and is now widely regarded as a top discovery among fetish/BDSM sites. Its appeal lies in being welcoming to both the curious and beginners, devoid of explicit hardcore content.

The platform’s sleek, modern design and user-friendly interface make it a favored haven for seekers of their respective desires. The operators are both friendly and professional, embodying an inclusive approach that extends a warm welcome to all. Registration is open to individuals aged 18 and above.

In addition to the standard messaging function, the site offers event suggestions and erotic party recommendations. The search options are expansive, allowing users to search for men, women, transsexual couples, or transvestites, with the added feature of identifying who is currently online.

The range of offerings is diverse, catering to a broad spectrum of orientations. Most members prefer a moderately gentle approach to fetish topics and tend to steer clear of explicit hardcore content, making the site particularly appealing to beginners.

However, for those who have verified their adulthood in the over-18 sections, unrestricted access to NSFW imagery and videos is granted, some of which are quite revealing. There are professional services in these areas, notably webcam sex chats and offerings from dominatrices, which are clearly marked.

Rest assured, with a cautious approach, accidental navigation to professional services is unlikely. The platform offers numerous additional features, including photo contests, event listings, and the opportunity to leave messages in the guestbook.

The blog section hosts a plethora of engaging contributions, catering not only to fetish enthusiasts but also to a broader audience. For instance, alongside the usual fetish content, you can explore articles on using natural aphrodisiacs.

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Fetish.com boasts an impressive array of categories

This kinky dating service lives up to its claim of being the largest specialized platform in the English-speaking world, offering a diverse range of fetishes. These include body part fetishes, object fetishes, and material fetishes.

Latex Fetish:

The latex fetish section is notably popular and considered a focal point, though lacquer and leather fetishes also enjoy a substantial following among the users. The Latex Fetish Forum serves not only as an informative space but also a platform for sharing and showcasing interests. Genuine contact details for real-life meetings can be exchanged here, and themed chat rooms are available for open discussion.


BDSM games often incorporate various fetishes, typically revolving around material preferences such as latex, nylon, or a penchant for high heels. The fusion of fetish and BDSM creates a captivating playground for diverse role-plays, enriching the erotic experience.

Registration is a straightforward process, allowing users to indicate their preferences and inclinations, either during the standard registration or via Facebook login.

Valid email verification is required to activate the membership, and once confirmed, members can personalize their profiles by specifying their preferences through a detailed list of practices, fetish objects, or sexual games, indicating whether they’re new to it or actively practice the preference.

fuck.com homepage

What does fetish.com cost?

As is the case with most online services that revolve around the theme of matchmaking, there is a free membership and a paid subscription plan.

Regular Membership:

DurationCost per Month (GBP)Total Cost (GBP)
1 Month£16.90£16.90
3 Months£11.99£35.99
6 Months£8.99£53.90
12 Months£6.99£83.90

VIP Membership:

DurationCost per Month (GBP)Total Cost (GBP)
1 Month£24.90£24.90
3 Months£18.99£56.99
6 Months£13.99£83.90
12 Months£10.49£125.90

The following activities are free

  • Create a powerful profile
  • Use the search function and view other users’ profiles
  • Send up to ten messages per day.

This is a generous offer that you will not find on other dating sites.

The paid Premium Membership is graded according to the number of months of membership and offers the following options for using the website:

  • XXX area can be used in full
  • With a Premium Membership you can read and write an unlimited number of mails.

You can use all the additional features of the site.

You can pay using the usual methods: Credit Card, Direct Debit or Invoice.

Connecting with Other Members:

The platform provides multiple ways to connect with fellow members. Engaging in forums, sending up to ten daily messages, convenient chatting via Messenger, and using Video Chat for direct conversations are popular options. Additionally, virtual gestures like “spanks” (virtual kisses of the scene) offer a tentative approach.

Detailed Member Search:

The comprehensive member search feature allows users to find partners based on their fetish preferences, with options to refine searches by region, gender, age, relationship type, and more. Users can specify if they’re looking for a particular type of relationship or partnership, or even detail preferred appearances.

Profile Information:

Fetish.com emphasizes creating a genuine platform where members can truly understand one another. Profiles are of high quality, with most users investing time and effort to present meaningful profiles that often include photos, allowing members to quickly establish visual connections.

Managing Fake Profiles:

Instances of fake profiles are exceedingly rare on Fetish.com. Although an occasional anomalous account may slip through, vigilant members can report suspicious profiles to the support team for prompt investigation. Commercial profiles are appropriately marked for transparency. The platform is committed to maintaining a high standard by reviewing and regulating adult FSK-18 content.

Site Functionality:

Fetish.com offers a modern, stylish design and smooth functionality, garnering high user appreciation. The site is user-friendly, with clear explanations, a welcoming tour for beginners, and exceptional support always ready to assist with inquiries. The platform fosters a sense of community, where users readily extend help to newcomers.

Navigation through the menu is straightforward, and the site loads seamlessly. The dominant black and purple color scheme adds a dark yet intriguing aesthetic to the site.

How to register

Those who register on the platform can indicate their preferences and inclinations during the registration process. Registration is very easy and can also be done from a Facebook account. You must provide a valid email address where you can be contacted.

Once you have verified your email address, your membership will be confirmed by email. Enter your desired name and password – done. You can describe your preferences and likes in the profile you create. You can do this through a very detailed list that will take you to the different categories of practices, fetish objects or sexual games.

Furthermore, you can then choose whether this is something you would like to try first, or if it is a preference you actively practise.

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Your profile information

Fetish describes itself as a platform that wants to give its members the opportunity to really get to know each other. The members are genuinely interested in each other, which makes the interaction very pleasant. The profiles are of high quality, as most users take great care in creating their profiles.

Most spend a lot of time uploading a meaningful profile of themselves. Showing photos is almost standard among users, which guarantees that you will quickly get to know your counterpart visually.

What about fake profiles?

Fake profiles are an extremely rare occurrence on Fetish.com. In fact, you could almost say that they don’t stand a chance, but occasionally a strange account does slip through the net. If you notice something suspicious, you can always contact the support team, who will check out the suspicious profile and take immediate action.

There are also commercial profiles, but they are marked to indicate that they are legitimate. Support is keen to maintain a high quality platform. Erotic, adult FSK-18 content is reviewed. Profile pictures can be viewed by all users at no extra cost.

The mobile application: FET

An exciting little offshoot, the FET app, has grown out of the big platform. Unfortunately, Android and apple users are able to use it, as it is only available in the Apple Store.

The app offers the following features:

  • Read messages
  • Send spanks
  • Write emails

The FET app is the perfect addition if you want to communicate a lot with other members.

Field test

No matter if you are a real fetish addict or if you just want to get a first impression of the British fetish scene, you will definitely find what you are looking fore here. Its community is very vibrant and tolerant and newcomers are more than welcome. The site offers many great ways to communicate with other users 24/7:

  • Flirt in video chat
  • Join a discussion in the forum
  • Reading and sharing blogs

Members who are open about their experiences on the site emphasize these benefits in their public reviews. There is talk of a nice clique feeling among the users and of really nice encounters in real life. The mutual respect between members also seems to be very high, as is repeatedly described.


Fetish.com features a dedicated Events Calendar, showcasing special events and providing event details to the community. Users have the option to create their own events or discover happenings in their local area. The spectrum of events is virtually limitless, allowing for a plethora of creative options, from parties to regular gatherings and spanking events.

Events are categorized using the ABC principle, ensuring easy navigation for users. Additionally, a regional search function is available to help users find events in their vicinity.


Fetish.com is a modern and stylish platform, offering a comprehensive range of services to kinky singles in the UK. The website’s layout is intuitive and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those new to the scene. Beginners are welcomed and guided gently by both operators and fellow users, making it an ideal starting point.

However, individuals seeking a more hardcore experience may find the platform leans towards a milder and playful kinky inclination.

The site caters to a broad audience, from those with specific preferences to those exploring various facets of fetish and BDSM. Registered users can share their preferences and connect with like-minded individuals.

The community is vast, boasting nearly 300,000 members, enhancing the likelihood of finding potential real-life playmates.

An array of offerings, including events, photo challenges, and video chat capabilities, present diverse fetish activities. Attending regional meetings increases the chance of meeting individuals with similar interests.

The cost of membership is reasonable, with a premium membership available at just 4.49 GBP per month—a unique offering not easily found on other platforms. Moreover, uploading a profile picture grants users a complimentary two-week VIP membership.

All in all, Fetish.com stands as a secure and welcoming platform for fetishists and those aspiring to explore the realm of fetishes.

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