Cuckold Dating in the UK

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Cuckolding is not a new phenomenon, on the contrary, many men are totally into it when they can watch their partner having sex with another man. But it’s not only heterosexual couples who enjoy this form of eroticism; more and more homosexuals are also indulging in this special fetish.

How does cuckold dating in the UK work?

The term has long been known within the British BDSM scene. Many men deliberately let their partner have sexual intercourse with a strange man and even get turned on by this scenario.

Although this is a real nightmare for some couples, it can really revitalize the relationship for others since the male partner often gives his sweetheart instructions on how to deal with the stranger. This creates a hot intimate show where he or she becomes the director of his or her own private porno special.

Cuckold describes the cuckolded spouse, who is by no means the poor sucker in this erotic game, but can enjoy this threesome. While some couples live out their desire for cuckolding in swingers clubs, others treat themselves to a sensual experience with a callboy or spontaneously look for a companion online with whom they can have a sensual experience.

Sneaking cravings can be brought to life

It is not always the desire to watch your partner have sex with another man. More and more men also want to pursue another, often hidden passion in cuckolding. They want to take the opportunity to see another man having sex, because a homosexual disposition is hidden in many of us.

Often, cuckolding also results in more and a hot love game for three is possible. Cuckholding thus offers a possibility to live out hidden homo- or bisexuality.

Those who have not yet revealed themselves to their sweetheart may be able to convince them to a cuckolding session and pursue their passion for the same sex. If he still feels like it after pleasuring his partner with the other man, it may be possible to pursue homosexual or bisexual inclinations with the man.

More and more British queers dabble in cuckolding and swingers

In the gay scene, too, you can find more and more couples enjoying cuckolding. If three men are involved, however, the fetish has a special variation, because here the humiliation of the apparently cuckolded partner takes place. It plays a big role when he is degraded to the role of a spectator and cannot be actively involved in what is happening.

Sometimes the cuckold even lets himself be tied up and cannot “support” his partner at all during lovemaking with another man. To make the role of the apparent victim perfect, the watching partner is even forced to remove any residue of the lovemaking.

However, only a few understand that the men as spectators of an intimate peep show are not victims, but rather benefit from their partner’s “cheating”, because after all, no one wants to be cheated on in a relationship or even watch their partner having fun with another man.

What has long been celebrated in the S&M scene is also becoming increasingly popular in domestic beds. Whether in heterosexual couples or partnerships between two men. More and more people want to freshen up their partnered sex life and bring a third person into bed.

Whether it is the pleasure of humiliation when one’s partner or partners suddenly allows themselves to be pampered by another man, or whether one wants to finally live out one’s own intimate desires, if both partners enjoy it, everything is permitted in love.

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