The best dating sites & apps for unemployed singles in the UK

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In times as uncertain as these, unemployment is an inevitable fate in the lives of many of those affected. In this regard, the figures speak for themselves: more than 6% and 2.9 million Brits are currently unable to earn a monthly salary. Many unemployed singles in the UK claim social benefits, including unemployment checks and Jobseeker’s Allowance.

In addition to receiving minimal welfare transfers, which only allow people to live at an absolute bare minimum, welfrare beneficiaries have always been subjected to unparalleled social stigmatisation. This stigmatisation and financial humiliation inhibits unemployed people not only in their job search, but also in their search for love.

Why is dating as an unemployed person so difficult?

Dating is a treacherous issue for the unemployed, both in normal everyday life and on a digital platform. As soon as a person reveals himself or herself as a welfare recipient to an interested person or potential partner, the counterpart subsequently often loses all interest in a further exchange.

British singles reliant on unemployment checks, usually struggly to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, which is essential for successfully managing their love and social lives.

What are the best dating sites & apps for unemployed singles in the UK?

For this reason, there are a number of dating sites that are dedicated to finding partners for this socially marginalized group and provide a reliable and understanding starting point for new social contacts. Read the following section for an overview of the best dating sites for unemployed singles.


Be2 is a dating melting pot for all those who have lagged behind in their search for a partner and are interested in meeting new people with an approachable attitude. With a scientifically based approach, be2 manages to connect almost all of its unemployed members with like-minded singles sooner or later.


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From unemployed welfare recipients to London banksmen, C-Date has been attracting people from all walks of life for over 10 years. For C-Date, the focus of its services is on arranging hook-ups with no strings attached. Anyone looking for true love may be utterly disappointed here.

That being said, your unemployed status poses no obstacle compared to other reputable dating services. Almost all members use an anonymous pseudonym and usually refrain from revealing any revealing personal information.

It is precisely jobseekers who benefit from this, as they are not put in an unpleasant predicament where they cannot out themselves to the other person as a welfare recipient and therefore look forward to a date with respect and dignity.

Advice for unemployed dating

Furthermore, we would like to outline a few helpful pieces of advice for a promising online dating experience.

  • Don’t lie about your current employment situation
  • Work actively to improve your financial situation.
  • Signal to a prospective partner that you are willing and motivated to make a fresh start.
  • Don’t spend money you don’t have on things you can’t use
  • Even as an unemployed person you should want and be able to have a relationship
  • Try to work around the schedule of your working partner/date.
  • Everyone is in a slump now and then. It happens. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying life to the fullest.

But the best thing you can show your partner is not that you can spend money indiscriminately in defiance of the situation, but that you have a higher value with your personality than the digits in their current account. If you manage to overcome such a low with a certain composure and a positive attitude, you will signal to those around you that you are a winner.

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