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Farmer Wants A Wife
  • Connecting farmer singles in rural areas since 20 years
  • Discover up to 1000 matches with our intelligent two-way matching feature
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Muddy Matches
  • Over 200,000 members from the UK and Ireland who all have one thing in common: they love the countryside
  • Made by country people for country people
  • Free Registration
Country Loving
  • Country Loving is a safe and respectable online dating website connecting rural singles for over 20 years
  • See what you have in common with others at a glance.
  • Join free to meet other country-loving singles
Elite Singles for Farmers
  • Elite Singles has 20+ years of trusted matchmaking under its belt
  • 600,000 active members in the United Kingdom
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What are the best dating sites & apps for farmers?

For many farmers and agriculturalists, finding a new partner can seem daunting. Generally, country-dwelling singles have a considerably tougher time finding a committed partnership than urbanites. This is due to various reasons.

On the one hand, more and more country bumpkins are drawn to the city, on the other hand, the average provincial is somewhat older and therefore already taken.

For this reason, agricultural dating services have seen rapid growth in recent years.

Recent studies show that 80% of all single farmers have resorted to either a dating app or an online dating site to find a partner.

For this reason, we have taken a closer look at some of the best dating sites for farmers and singles from the agricultural sector in our test comparison. logo

Flirt.farmer is a popular online dating site for farmers and rural singles wives to network and share their interests and more. Through Farmer Wants A Wife, many new singles from the agricultural sector meet each other every day.

Most active and former members have previously had insufficient experience with other conventional dating sites, which prompted them to switch to a suitable niche platform. On the homepage of, many successfully matched couples report about their stories of getting to know each other.

Be sure to check out all the important features of this site if you are determined to find love on the farm.

To guarantee compatible singles, the developers have developed an advanced matching algorithm called the “Matching Factor”.

Based on the results of a personality test and a series of questions and answers, members are “matched” with potential partners online. So the better two people match, the higher the matching factor – and the more questions you answer, the more accurate it will be!

Whether you are a farmer looking for a woman or a woman farmer looking for a man, you can make a choice on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Gay men looking for men and female farmers looking for women can also register here to meet nice singles in their area.

Start looking if the site has piqued your interest. Who knows? Maybe you will meet the partner of your dreams.

Muddy Matches – The most popular dating site for farmers in the UK logo

The dating site Muddy Matches caters to farmers and all people involved in the agricultural sector.

Muddy Matches is a popular online dating service for farmers to network with each other and meet like-minded people from more rural areas in the UK. The members of Muddy Matches are extremely active and sociable, which is why there are already numerous success stories of newly-matched couples to report.

The registration process is smooth and straightforward. Operation and communication are also very easy, also due to a state-of-the-art mobile app that is available to all users.

Here you can use a location feature to see who lives near you as a single farmer or farmer’s wife. In addition, other users have the opportunity to discover your profile in within the platform.

Overall, Muddy Matches captivates with its modern design and its high level of activity of its over members throughout the United Kingdom.

How to find the right rural dating service in the UK?

With the immense growth of new dating sites in recent years, one can sometimes lose track. Therefore, it is all the more important to know which criteria you can use to distinguish a very good dating site from an inadequate one.

A possibility to find out whether an online dating platform has the right features for you is the way the registration process is carried out.

Be wary of dubious providers.

If a website asks you to provide personal information such as your address or private bank account details, become wary. It might well be a dubious dating site.

Keep a close eye out for hidden fees and subscription scams.

Hidden fees can be very annoying and, and some rogue sites are downright greedy. Indeed, if a site doesn’t reveal how much it charges for its services or indicate how much it charges on its homepage, exercise caution. A majority of sites of this nature are likely to drain your funds to no avail.

Fast page loading speed

Getting through an extensive array of user profiles on a dating site is more likely before you can make a selection.

If you find it difficult to move from one page to the next, it might take you a little longer to find a date. Pick a site with a highly friendly user interface and a decent page loading speed.

farmer couple

What features should a rural dating site for farmers include?

Whilst looking for a suitable dating portal for single farmers, it is important to make sure that the platform includes a number of “features” and website features to guarantee a successful online dating experience.

Let’s start with the chat messenger. Ideally, this should be available free of charge, i.e. sending messages should not be subject to a fee, but should be included in the membership. Instant messaging is an irreplaceable feature that should not be ignored.

In addition, a modern rural dating site should include a video chat to bridge the large distances in the countryside.

Furthermore, a video chat is another sure way to discover whether the person you are talking to is genuine or not. While most fake accounts can bypass audio and text chats, the verifying video chat feature remains all the more important.

Therefore, many dating agencies for farmers and agriculturists now offer a chat via video or webcam on their platform.

A user profile is one of the core elements of a dating site, as it provides an opportunity for all users to introduce themselves and their preferences. This provides a quick and uncomplicated way to find out about interesting acquaintances in your region and to see if there are any personal overlaps and matches.

If you should experience an obnoxious conversational contact, it might be necessary to block this person so that further communication can be avoided. In addition, it should be possible to report users who exhibit inappropriate behaviour to the site operators.

Find rural love in the UK through a farmer dating website of your choice today!

We hope that we have been able to give you a good overview of the manageable selection of agricultural singles sites to help you with your dating site selection.

In conclusion, it can be said that farmers are better off on a dedicated online dating site for farmers and have significantly higher chances of finding a compatible partner compared to regular dating services.

Due to the homogeneous composition of the membership and the high degree of similarity in personal and professional interests, more and more farmer singles tend to find their soulmate in the digital world.

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