The best Pagan dating sites in the UK

Pagan Singles
  • Biggest Dating website for pagan singles in the UK
  • Its goal is to facilitate pagan connections in the United Kingdom
  • Register for free
  • One of the longest-running online connection sites for spiritual singles, with many active members in the UK
  • Inspired by the Eastern spirituality notions of dharma and karma
  • Many of its members identify as Buddhist, Hindu, or Yogi
Free Spirit Singles
  • Dating service for free-spirited, mindful and enlightened people
  • High female to men ratio: ♀57% ♂ 43%
  • Prioritises Privacy and Data-Security of its members
Conscious Singles
  • One of the pioneers of conscious and mindful online dating
  • Find yoga and eco-conscious retreats, spiritual journeys, conscious festivals, workshops, classes, meditations
  • Register for Free
  • eharmony has 20+ years of trusted matchmaking under its belt
  • 600,000 active members in the United Kingdom
  • Free registration

While pagans might still be considered a minority group in the United Kingdom, you might be surprised by how many numbers they put up. Over 60,000 citizens in the UK identify with paganism and the religious lifestyle that goes with it.

Since there they are quite spread out throughout the country, more and more members of this Christian subculture are utilizing dating apps and websites, which cater to their kind. In this article, we are going to review the crème de la crème of pagan dating services.

The best British dating sites for pagan singles reviewed

Pagan Singles

Pagan-Singles is a dating site targeted at people interested in paganism. The site was born out of love for the community and the lack of quality dating sites in this particular market.

It is designed to help pagan adult singles in the UK connect with like-minded and dedicated people in their community and also outside it. It’s a safe place full of people who understand each other.

Members can anonymously share their dating anxieties, insecurities and secrets with each other in the chatroom. They can learn and support each other and create long-lasting friendships as well.

Considering the limited range of dating sites in this niche, Pagan-Singles stands out with a modern design and an easy-to-navigate site layout.

While we are not aware if a mobile dating app version is available. We do know that the browser version of the website can be navigated without limitations on the cellphone as well.

This way you can chat and meet new pagan friends and singles on the go.

How does pagan dating in the UK work?

As with many religious people, for many pagans, their religion and faith play an important role in their lives. For this reason, for many people of the pagan faith, only other singles of pagan belief come into question as a partner.

However, the search for a suitable pagan partner can prove to be difficult or even almost impossible, especially if the local pagan community is small. Fortunately, there is a wide array of quality pagan dating services & apps to rely on.

Most pagan dating sites on the internet are still geared to the U.S. market, but more and more sites have been coming through that cater exclusively to British singles.

However, purely British or English-speaking pagan dating sites such as Pagan-Singles or offer a far greater range of pagan singles and thus far better “matchmaking opportunities”.

They all specialize exclusively in the pagan community in the UK.

Find other pagan singles in your area today!

Apart from their targeting solely pagan singles, these dating sites are hardly any different from other conventional mainstream services and dating apps.

After registering, you can view the profiles of other single men and women and get in touch with them.

Among the estimated 60,000 Pagan believers in the UK, we are sure that you will find a match one way or the other. By using a stellar dating service, you might be able to give yourself the extra edge you might need to find your soulmate for good.

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