The Best Colombian Dating Sites & Apps in the UK

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A British gentleman and a Colombian lady are practically destined for each other. Despite some basic cultural differences, these women have always been held in high regard in the UK.

The Latin warmth as well as the hospitable and passionate culture is reflected in Colombian dating as well as in the courting of any Latina woman. More and more men in the United Kingdom are yearning to find a prospective Latin bride to marry in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín or Cali.

What is the best Colombian dating site?

Colombian women are known all over the world for their temperamental spirit. In this article, we will highlight the best online dating sites and apps that can help you find a fulfilling relationship abroad without leaving the comfort of your own home.

For several years now, more and more online dating agencies have been offering the possibility to flirt online with single ladies from other continents. In addition, there are some digital dating sites that have specifically geared their services to Colombian singles.

When it comes to Latin online dating, we help you make the best decision regarding your search for a reputable dating service.

1. Colombia Cupid – A top-tier Colombian matchmaking service

colombia cupid logo

Meeting a Colombian woman is not something to be taken lightly, you might think. However, through Colombia Cupid, the flirting adventure can commence from the UK.

This Colombian dating site specializes in matching beautiful Colombian women with single British men. Colombia Cupid is designed to be responsive and easy to use. You can register for free and create a profile alongside of it.

Henceforth, you can virtually chat with all registered female users without any restrictions. Once you see an adorable user you like, you have the option of contacting her via chat.

Conversations can only be made via chat or video-chat. Furthermore, you have access to the mobile dating app version, which allows you to stay in touch regardless of your location.

Colombia Cupid offers the advantage that they are really specialized in Latin dating and can help you with all cultural differences and other international dating questions.

Plus, it’s free, simple and very user-friendly. If you want to meet Latina beauties from Colombia in a swift and uncomplicated way, sign up for free today.

Pros & Cons of Colombia Cupid

Available in several languages Many inactive profiles
Convenient online translator useful for language barriersHigh percentage of male users
High number of young women from Colombia willing to get marriedFemale users usually have no or only insufficient English language skills
Live chat availableLarge number of non-verified profiles

Is Colombian Cupid expensive or cheap?

DurationMonthly PriceTotal Price
1 Month33.00 £ / Month33.00 £
3 Months22.00 £  / Month66.00 £
12 Months11.00 £  / Month131.00 £

The prices at Colombian Cupid are in the affordable range compared to similar platforms, even more so if you choose to compare the pricing with a conventional dating or bridal agency. The 3-month membership comes with a high discount of around 40% and is particularly cheap and recommendable.

Cheapest is the annual subscription, where you get a considerable discount of 65%. In our opinion, the 12-month subscription is worthwhile, especially if you want to meet friendly Colombian single ladies abroad from the UK.

Latina with hat.

How to meet Colombian women via a reputable dating site?

It is a smart approach to arrange a date with a Colombian girl from the United Kingdom. This can be done online via video chat, but also by email. This way you get to know someone remotely.

You send each other emails, with or without pictures, you can follow the other person in daily life via social media like Facebook and you can actually chat and see each other. By contacting each other online, it is possible to get to know Colombian culture and customs.

Further advantages of a colombian dating site are:

  • There are plenty of women to choose from who want to date a local British lad, plus you can easily update your profile from the comfort of your own home and choose amongst several beautiful potential Colombian girls willing to meet their future husband from the United Kingdom.
  • It’s cheap.
  • When things don’t work out, terminating an online friendship is easy.

It is a smart approach to arrange a date with a Colombian girl from the United Kingdom. This can be done online via video chat, but also by email. This way you get to know someone remotely.

Approach online dating as a prelude. If you’ve both been attracted to each other for a long time online, you’ll naturally want to meet in real life as soon as possible. In fact, this is the right time to travel to Colombia and get to know each other in real life. Because nothing is as real as real life.

How can I meet Latina women in Colombia?

Alternatively, you can go on holiday to Colombia and meet someone there. For the duration of your stay, she will be your Colombian holiday companion. Following your holiday, you can continue the friendship online.
There are many advantages affiliated with this type of approach towards online dating.

You know exactly who you are dealing with. You will really get to know the woman and her intentions. You can be sure that her personality is the way you anticipated and she looks the way you expected her to look.

Travelling to Colombia is clearly a unique and enriching experience. It’s a much more immersive experience than merely sitting behind a laptop screen and chatting. Not only do you get to know the woman, but you also get to know Colombia, the language, the culture and all kinds of customs and traditions at the same time.

Especially if you are planning to get married, it is essential to get to personally know not only your future wife, but also her family and her cultural heritage.

How can I meet Colombian women in the UK without online dating apps?

So many choices, so many preferences. Therefore, we can imagine that you have a strong desire to pick up a Colombian woman in Colombia and/or via an online dating site. Fortunately, there are also many opportunities in the UK to meet Colombian ladies in real life. The following are some of the possibilities we have put together for you.

Latin Fiesta in London

If there is one event in Great Britain where Colombian beauties can be won over, it is the Carnival in London. As mentioned before, they do their best every year to live up to the carnival in Barranquilla.

In any case, it’s worth attending this reputable festival. While the full programme is not yet known, do keep this event in mind, if you want to meet some Latin beauties beyond Colombian dating apps.

Colombian Bachata or Salsa evenings are held regularly in major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham. This is ideal if you want to get to know Colombian women in their most natural habitat.

Fetch your dancing shoes out of the closet, for without any decent salsa moves you won’t make much of a lasting impression at such parties.

Breathtaking Colombian lady with dark hair and light skin.

Is it possible to marry a Colombian lady that you met online?

In fact, if you want to go in the right direction, you should start with the following question: “Are there any essential rules for dating Colombian women?”

Yes, there are some pieces of advice and recommendations available that can genuinely be helpful for any man who dreams of dating a hot Latina from South America.

Luckily, the good news is that it’s by no means as complicated as neurosurgery – just read the following recommendations carefully and bear them in mind as you develop a strategy to win over the heart of a Colombian lady.

Latinas require a decent first impression

This may sound pretty obvious. In addition, many expats may argue that your primary goal should be to leave a favorable impression on the first date. In fact, it’s true, because the first date is crucial for Colombian brides.

While a European girl will probably lend you a second chance if something goes wrong, if you are with a girl from Colombia and you mess up on the very first date, without a doubt, you will never see her again.

Between gentleman and South American machismo

The first date with a Colombian woman is like treading a tightrope. Confidence is key, since Latinas want their male counterparts to embody character traits such as maturity, a sense of authority and security in their search for a suitable husband.

On the other hand, rudeness or lack of respect, will be addressed directly and therefore we strongly recommend that you consider whether a compliment is appropriate before giving it. For example, they hate it when men call them hot or curvy – they are tired of these stereotypes and will react accordingly.

Another important thing to know about Colombian dating is that this is one of the few countries where kissing and hugging in public is not discouraged.

The right Colombian dating app or site will help you find a prospective bride in the UK

Whoever has never had much or no success with women in life can fall for a beautiful photo of a gorgeous Colombian woman and thereby also disregard the costs as he waits for the romantic relationship to kick in. For this reason, choosing a reputable platform is essential when looking for a partner abroad.

In recent years numerous providers have settled in the Colombian dating market. Datinghive has compiled your best options of finding your significant other in the ranking table above. There is an array of established dating apps and matchmaking websites to choose from, that may assist you in your search for Colombian love.

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