The Best Dating Sites & Apps for Single Parents

  • Perfect for singles with kids looking for a serious relationship in the United Kingdom
  • High female to men ratio: ♀57% ♂ 43%
  • Free registration
Single With Kids
  • Single With Kids is simple to use and it’s easy to find other single parents in the UK
  • Free membership allows you to conduct a simple search, post a profile and photos, and receive messages
  • Single With Kids Dating is FREE to sign-up and gives access to a large number of British single parents
Single Parents Match
  • Send and receive emails and flirts
  • Mobile Dating App Verison available
  • Free Registration
Eharmony for Single Parents
  • Meet single moms & dads in the UK with Eharmony
  • eharmony has 20+ years of trusted matchmaking under its belt
  • Free registration
  • Nearly one million registered members trust our scientific approach to matchmaking
  • High female to men ratio: ♀57% ♂ 43%
  • Anonymous, reliable and secure

Dating is not easy for most people, however, it is particularly challenging for single parents with one or even more children. Alongside work and family duties, there is usually little time and time for personal interests, not to mention the search for a partner.

When dating, single parents ask themselves specific questions: Where can I find a partner who will accept my child? Will my future partner be compatible with my expectations of family life? Will my child accept a new man or woman in my life?

Ideally, the future partner has children of his or her own and is familiar with the dynamics of a bustling family life. Single dads and moms can tell you a thing or two about how difficult it can be to juggle family life and romance.

How can you meet other single parents online?

That is where dating apps and matchmaking sites for single parents come into play. Dates sites for single parents with a desire for a casual affair or a serious romantic relationship make it a lot easier to choose and get in touch with potential companions.

If you want to play it safe and find a compatible partner, we recommend using a dating site designed specifically for single fathers and mothers.

The best dating sites for single mothers & fathers

We would like to make your dating experience as convenient as possible by introducing you to the best dating services available for single mothers and fathers, and to help you find an attractive partner you can trust and who will love you and your children.

In the last ten years, many new personal dating sites and apps have been introduced to assist people of all sexual orientations with children to meet new partners without having to leave the house.

Joining a platform that caters exclusively to single parents with children at home is a time-saving way to find your new partner of choice.

Single With Kids – A dating agency based in the UK

single with kids logo

If you want to meet other single parents in the United Kingdom, then Single With Kids should probably be your choice. As the name of the website suggests, the search for a partner on this website is aimed exclusively at singles with children. Here you are sure to meet many like-minded British singles in similar circumstances.

As the name of the website suggests, the search for a partner on this website is aimed solely at adults with one or more infants at home.

Furthermore, it is also extremely inexpensive. Registration and basic membership, which allows you to use large parts of the dating site, are completely free.


single parents match logo

SingleParentMeet connects singles with children, singles who aspire to have children and individuals who are searching for a partner who has no children. At SingleParentMeet you will meet singles with a distinct sense of family who are open to forming a patchwork family.

This family-oriented platform is still an insider tip among the best providers for single parents within its niche. Again, with the basic membership you can use most of the basic features of the site, such as the chat messenger as well as browsing for other users.

SingleParentMeet is a classic online dating agency for family-oriented people committed in finding a steady partnership and building a blissful patchwork family.

Lone mothers and fathers often do not have the time or energy to actively search for a new partner on top of their daily routine and responsibilities as a parent. In this case, an online dating website or app can help.

We recommend that you try the following single parent dating sites the next time you want to start a new relationship.

Advantages of dating sites & apps for single parents

Single parents often feel torn between their enormous responsibility to care for a child, their professional obligations, financial concerns and the desire for a fulfilled love life. Plus, once you’ve planned a first date, a babysitter has to be arranged to keep an eye on the kids.

That’s why it’s important to use the little free time at your disposal wisely and effectively to find only suitable dates in a targeted way. An matchmaking agency with a special focus on folks with children of their own can help you along this path.

Meet like-minded people who are in a similar stage of life and with whom you may find a better connection than on a conventional dating site.

Individuals who do not wish to have children in their lives do not register on a website dedicated to single parents in the first place.

In comparison to using a “mainstream dating site”, you save a tremendous amount of time. The member base is proportionally much smaller and more condensed.

Happy mother playing with her kids in a garden.

How do you choose the right dating platform for single mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom?

Prior to deciding to join a paid membership, carefully check whether the platform allows you to present your specific life circumstances and preferences.

Are you employed? Are your children still very young and therefore need a lot of attention? Do you have a larger family? Are there teenagers in the household? What is your current marital status – separated, divorced or widowed? This may also be important when choosing a compatible partner. Do you desire a non-committal flirtation or a permanent life partner? Should your future partner play a more significant role in your family?

All these questions determine whether your profile will be considered attractive by potential matches. This means you spend less time on irrelevant chat conversations and scouring countless user profiles.

Is there a free dating site for single mothers & fathers in the UK?

We have already covered that single-parent dating sites are time-saving. However, you also save money at the same time, although these niche dating sites are not free, nonetheless they are usually considerably cheaper than your typical matchmaking agency.

Thus you not only save time, but also money. Registration is often free, so you could safely try out the best British platforms before you commit to a paid membership.

What should you watch out for in a free dating site for moms and dads?

On a dating platform for single parents, the usual precautionary measures that you will probably know from other social media apply: no personal information such as your exact address or telephone number, no information about your financial situation and no information about your employer or ex-partner.

You should present yourself in a fine manner with friendly photos, with a pet, actively pursuing your hobbies or with a snapshot from your last holiday.

It is absolutely frowned upon to publish photos of your own child or children with recognizable faces.

In case you want to show off your family online, make sure that your child is not identifiable. Photos of children in swimming gear are also not acceptable. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to have a lot of fun and success in your search for a new loving partner.

Do not hesitate to visit the dating sites we have reviewed and make sure to register today!

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