The best dating sites & apps for over 40 singles in the UK

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  • Ourtime offers you a fun community environment where you can meet interesting people either online or at our dedicated events
  • Video Chats offer you a safe, easy way to spend virtual quality time together
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  • Silversingles uses results of your personality test to match you with compatible 60+ singles in your area
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When you are 40+ and have become single again, you almost always develop an interest in a new relationship after a while. It goes without saying that you want to be able to use dating platforms. But which dating sites are best suited for singles aged 40 and older?

In this article we will tell you what a good dating app for 40+ should look like and whether you shouldn’t ‘just’ choose a dating site. We also made an overview of the best 40+ dating services of this moment.

What are the best dating sites & apps for 40+ singles?

What are the best apps at the moment for 40+ singles who not only want to date online, but especially on their mobiles?

If you are single and over 40, we recommend the website first. Although the name suggests that there are only singles over 50 years, there are many 40-plussers registered.

According to our visitors, this website is the most popular dating site for older people. You can currently try the website completely free for 3 days, to see if it suits you. Do you still feel too young for Ourtime? Then scroll further for some other very suitable dating sites.

1. Ourtime

Ourtimes platform is a breeze for established dating veterans. Registering with the app is also done in no time. You do this by creating a new account on Ourtime itself, and you do not need to link your user profile to an existing Facebook or Google account.

Ourtime is very popular among people over forty, its service is very easy to use and there are all sorts of handy functions for getting to know new singles. Because of the huge number of members, it is great that you can easily filter profiles so you can find someone who meets your needs and requirements. Unfortunately, just like on the Ourtime browser website, there are still quite a few profiles on the app that are no longer active.

2. eHarmony

eharmony logo

Eharmony is a serious dating platform that used to focus only on highly educated singles, but nowadays, any single looking for a lasting relationship can become a member. The internet platform is very nicely designed, with a very smooth operation via the mobile phone.

Before you can start dating, it is necessary to go through the personality test. Based on your answers, all kinds of partner proposals are made to you within the eharmony app. Manual search is not possible but the matches are often of very high quality, provided of course that you have completed the test seriously.

Fortunately, this is also very easy through the dating app, in our opinion even easier than on the eHarmony dating site. At eHarmony you can also benefit from the security that the Quality Mark Safe Dating offers you as an online active single.

3. Truelifepartner

truelifepartner logo

Depending on your own preferences and your age, it might be interesting to start using the Truelifepartner dating app. When you are in your mid to late 40s, there is a big chance that you would also like to connect with single men or women in their early or mid 50s.

Truelifepartner can be a great way to date on the go, because you benefit from all the advantages that the Truelifepartner site has to offer, numerous singles to choose from and a very smoothly functioning app.

4. Elite Singles

elite singles logo

Are you looking for absolute top matches with only the most suitable singles? Then you can find them with Elite Singles. This matchmaking service is only for college and university level singles and actively selects men and women who are looking for a long-term relationship.

So you won’t find casual dates or just a fling here, but valuable matches you can really get on with. To be able to match you with the best matching profiles, it is the intention that you take the extensive personality test immediately after registering.

This can make registration a bit longer than on many other dating apps, where you can often swipe through the profiles within a few minutes. However, sometimes you just have to put in some time and effort to find the perfect match with someone of your own level!

5. Tinder

tinder logo

Tinder is a great dating app that probably needs little introduction. Even if you have been in a steady relationship for the past 20 years and have only just become single again, chances are you have already read about this dating site.

Whereas previously it was mainly known and loved by young people, nowadays you can also find plenty of profiles of your own age and in your own region. This is mainly due to its enormous popularity, because almost every single person with a smartphone wants to try Tinder.

You can sign up in a few minutes with a Facebook account or create a new profile with just your phone number. Then it’s just a matter of liking as many profiles as possible and hoping for a match.

Therefore, Tinder is unfortunately not the best way for over-40s to find a serious partner right away, the way of dating is just too superficial and too much focused on appearance. But it is fun to flirt or to have a casual date, and who knows, you might just find that one perfect man or woman!

How to choose the best dating app for singles over 40?

Suppose you haven’t been dating for years. In the meantime, you’ve heard all about dating sites and popular dating apps. How do you decide what would be best for you: a dating site or a dating service?

Whether you choose a dating provider or a mobile application depends largely on the type of date you are looking for. Would you like to find singles from a specific target group, such as single parents, vegans or Christian singles?

Then there is often no other option than to choose a smaller dating site that often does not have its own dating app because the costs are too high.

Are you looking for more informal contacts, for example just an endless stream of nice singles in your own region for a fun or exciting date? Then a fast dating app like Tinder is most suitable. However, if you are ‘just’ looking for a great new partner for a serious relationship, then fortunately you now have a huge choice of dating apps.

Young people most often find such a relationship with well-known dating apps such as Tinder and okcupid and people of all ages can go to both large dating sites and their associated apps.

Often, you don’t even have to choose

Because so many serious dating platforms now also have a full-fledged dating app, you often do not even have to choose between an app and a site. This is because you get access to both a dating site and a dating app with the same account.

This way you can make use of your mobile dating account when you are on the road or chilling on the couch, while you can also log in to the dating site on your computer. For example, when you want to chat a bit more extensively on a keyboard.

All the advantages of the best 40+ dating sites

If you think that with such a dating platform, mobile dating is automatically of minor importance, then you are fortunately wrong. Most of these apps have now caught up to such an extent that, as far as we are concerned, many of them belong to the best dating sites for British singles.

Dating apps such as those from eharmony and elite singles are well designed, offer all kinds of useful features and also have the many advantages that come with a large, well-known and serious dating platform. For example, a helpdesk based in the UK, low monthly subscription prices, a privacy policy that complies with British law.

Expectations of online dating for singles in their 40s

It is also good to have realistic expectations of online dating. After all, singles over 40 are not all looking for the same thing.
If you are over 40 and have come to our site because you want advice and experiences about the best way to look for a new partner, then you might tacitly assume that other singles around your age are also seriously looking.

However, this does not have to be the case, as many over-40s who become single again after a long relationship also want to let their hair down before they get back into a long-term relationship.

Also, there are always people who have never wanted to get into a serious relationship in their entire life and who will not do so suddenly after the age of forty. So it’s smart to adjust your expectations of online dating accordingly.

And it is especially a good idea to choose the dating app or site where you have the greatest chance of serious matches.

Young couple hugging and ready to settle down.

Casual dates with over 40s peers

Of course, the other way round is also possible, because maybe you don’t need a serious match for a while but just want to enjoy life to the full. Even then you should choose the right app, such as Tinder.

There you can simply swipe between the nicest singles from your own region. Swipe anyone you like to the right in the hope of finding a match. Of course, this can also lead to a great relationship, but in most cases it provides a lot of fun in the short and long term.

Is a 50-plus dating app also suitable for over 40s?

Depending on your own interests and preferences, as an over-40 single you can always connect with a single in his early 50s. This makes 50-plus dating apps such as those from Truelifepartner and the mobile app Ourtime in principle also very suitable for singles between 40 and 50 years old. However, there are a few things to pay attention to. Firstly, most singles in their early 50s still register on a general dating app or dating site.

Therefore, on specific 50 plus apps you are more likely to see older singles (such as late 50s or over 60s) than singles just over 50. So you will have to be prepared to actively screen profiles for suitability. In addition, many singles over 50 often find it a bit odd when someone applies who is not yet 50 (by a long shot).

There is a risk that these singles think you are not good enough for the market to look for someone your own age. Unfortunately, this may result in fewer responses than on other dating apps.

Looking for serious singles? Try dating apps for the higher educated

If you’re looking for a serious relationship but are getting a bit frustrated with the loose way that many of your peers are dating, then it might be a good idea to try a dating app for more educated singles.

There, membership is often more expensive and since you’ll only meet people of your own level, you’re more likely to find a good match. Moreover, you get all the tools for successful dating, such as matching based on a scientifically proven personality test.

Online dating after a divorce

Online dating after a divorce can be a very intense affair. Sometimes your confidence in the opposite sex has been shaken during the process, or perhaps you are secretly afraid that a new relationship might end in failure.

Add to that the fact that online dating can sometimes be a very impersonal and confrontational process, and you soon come to the conclusion that it is wise to approach it with caution.

It is then smart to avoid the more volatile platforms like Tinder, unless of course you are confident that you can handle it and you want a more direct and fast form of matchmaking.

Nevertheless, it is generally wise to choose a more serious platform, where you have as little chance of making meaningless contacts that only consume energy. Even then, a dating site for highly educated singles is often the best choice.

Dating a single parent

Dating as a single parent of 40 years or older can be a very precarious affair. Unfortunately, the fact that you already have children is a turn-off for many people. It can be very nice to be able to look for other single parents, or at least to know that the single people you meet are not immediately averse to dating a single parent.

You can do this on many dating apps by indicating on your profile that you have children. Another great thing is that you will not even notice if someone rejects you, because you will simply not get a match with that person. Of course, apart from that, you are completely free to seek out the types of contact you are interested in.

From a nice flirt as relaxation to a serious relationship with a view to perhaps a new marriage.

Mature couple in love.

Many 40+ singles carry some baggage

Almost every single person over the age of 40 who is looking for a relationship has had some experience in life. Your new partner with whom you get along so well may already be married or have started a family with a previous partner. The same probably applies to you.

This often means that a new relationship is not as easy as when you found a nice single in your twenties. It is more likely that you will also have to get along with the children of your new partner, which usually includes an ex that you will have to deal with from time to time.

So don’t keep your rose-coloured glasses on for too long and look with an open mind at what your new relationship might look like. And while you’re dating, bear in mind that sometimes it can be harder work than you hoped to make the new relationship work. Good communication from the start is the key.

Aim for people outside your age group

Once you are over 40, it does not mean that you have no chance with singles of a different age group. In fact, as you get older, the age difference becomes less important to many people. As long as you have a good connection with each other, it is often not so important whether the other person is in their early 50s or late 30s, or a 40-year-old like you.

We explained earlier in this article that singles in their early 50s often have no problem dating a 40-year-old. But women in their 30s often have no problem dating a man in his 40s either. The most important thing is whether you have a good click with someone and whether you have a reasonably similar future.

Don’t be too picky

Everyone deserves a serious chance at online dating, so don’t be too picky. When you are over 40, you often have a good idea of what you are looking for in someone or what looks and character you find attractive, but there is also the danger that you will be too quick to dismiss other singles.

Dare to let someone surprise you by not locking you into “your type” straight away. The people who do this most fanatically are often the ones who have the most trouble finding a suitable partner!

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