3 Things you should do as a Spectrum-Single when using dating online


Which dating service is best for you depends largely on the extent to which your counterpart needs to be considerate of you in order to have a fruitful relationship with you.

Should you be more restricted due to your autism, consider choosing a specialized dating site for people on the autism spectrum. Alternatively, you can try an ordinary dating app.

Moreover, you will also meet singles who do not have a disability, with whom you may be able to build a very nice bond. Furthermore, in addition to matchmaking agencies that focus mainly on autists, you will soon find matchmaking agencies that focus on a whole spectrum of disorders, not just singles with autism.

A normal dating site poses a problem if you don’t feel welcome or conveys a sense of belonging For instance, if you have a hard time finding a suitable partner and socialising while dating online.

If you have a condition called autism, you often refrain from playing silly mind games with other people, such as responding in a delayed manner to appear more attractive.

Yet you are less likely to notice if someone is playing tricks on you or is simply not interested in you. If this bothers you, a dating site that is more understanding of your particular condition may be a better idea.

You may also be encountering miscommunication due to the fact that you behave differently from what people are used to on a dating app. In this case, it may be advisable to reveal that you have autism, but this can be off-putting if you tell people too soon.

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At what point should you bring up your autistic tendencies?

This depends primarily on which site you are on. On special autism dating sites for people on the spectrum, it is perfectly acceptable to mention this freely in your profile.

On HIKI, it is the rule that most users are on the spectrum. In any case, you do not have to mention it explicitly in this case.

If you use a traditional platform, it largely depends on how your autism affects your social interactions. If you know or suspect that your contact with new people will be severely affected by it, it is better if you mention it early on. The other single person can then take it into account.

You can decide for yourself whether it makes sense to mention it in your profile, but be aware that it can be off-putting to other users with whom you might very well be a good match. Therefore, it is better to bring it up on the first date or during the first chat exchange about the respective portal.

Get a dating mentor

If you find that your autism is getting in the way of your dating, it may be a good idea to consult a mentor. It is important not to choose just any dating coach, but to consult them with autistic counselling in mind.

For example, discuss with your current counsellor that you would like to meet a partner and ask him or her how best to proceed. Sometimes he or she can create a profile for you on a dating portal. If you do not have a counsellor but would like to ask one for advice, you can also simply contact an autism mentor in your area.

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