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Dating sites in the United Kingdom are a dime a dozen and there are plenty of Vietnamese platforms to choose from. But not all of them are recommended. Many have very few registered members, while others are expensive and only moderately successful. But there are also very good Vietnamese dating sites that are also free. We present them below so that everyone can quickly find a Vietnamese woman.

Are dating sites catering to women from Vietnam safe?

Many British men are unsure about online dating in Vietnam. And rightly so, because you never know who is behind the profile. We have also heard of criminal organisations registering with fake profiles just to take money out of people’s pockets. Unfortunately, this does happen. However, these are isolated cases and if you are careful you should have no problems on Vietnamese dating sites.

The Vietnamese dating sites we present below are all reputable. This is important to us, which is why we only focus on reputable Vietnamese dating sites. However, you should always be careful. In particular, if the question of money comes up, even though you have never met the woman, alarm bells should go off. Never send money, just use your common sense.

What are the best dating sites to meet singles from Vietnam in the UK?

There are many dating sites, but VietnamCupid is the best if you are looking for Vietnamese singles. What makes this dating site so special is that you can search for Vietnamese singles all over the world, including the UK. And best of all, it is completely free, but with restrictions. Read our VietnamCupid review for more information and our experiences.


It takes just a few minutes to register and start searching. There are lots of filters available so that everyone can find the right woman for them. If you think someone might be a good match for you, you can send her a message right away. The rest will follow.

Although registering with VietnamCupid is absolutely free, you can enjoy many benefits with a premium account. In addition, the Vietnam dating site will be free of advertisements and there will be no restrictions on the messenger area. If you are seriously looking for a relationship, you should spend the few euros as it will significantly increase your chances of success.

AsianDating is made by the same people as VietnamCupid. However, as the name suggests, the site is not just for Vietnamese women, but also for Asian women. You can also meet Indonesian women, Thai women or countless other singles from Asia through the dating agency.

AsianDating is also completely free. To enjoy the same range of features, you can also choose a premium membership here.

We recommend using AsianDating if you want to meet more than just Vietnamese women. The selection of Vietnamese women is good, but they are a little harder to find. On the other hand, you have a much wider choice. It’s best to take a quick look at both sites and try them out, as they’re free and you can decide which one is better for you.


Tinder is well known around the world. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation. In recent years, especially in the UK, the app has been misused to get women to have sex quickly. It takes a lot of luck to find true love here. But it’s not impossible.

We’re still including Tinder here because it works really well, especially in Vietnam. Although there is no guarantee of success, the app can help you make new friends quickly. Maybe a relationship will result? As the app is free to use, you should definitely try it out in Vietnam.

In the UK, you don’t need to use the app as it only shows people in your area. It is highly unlikely that any of them will be Vietnamese.

Why are Vietnamese women so desirable?

Vietnam is a country full of breathtaking places that attract so many travellers every year. It is also a country of many contrasts and is now in the midst of a transformation where tradition and modernity meet. Its women are also famous the world over.

Pretty, loyal and family-orientated, that’s how Vietnamese women can be described. But they are so much more. What else are these beautiful ladies from the land of rich history and picturesque beaches hiding?

The role of women in Vietnam has undergone many changes throughout history. They have taken on different roles in society: Warriors, nurses, mothers and wives. Vietnamese girls are brought up in a society that values hard work and good discipline. The moral codes of society are very important to them. Here are some of the important qualities.


Vietnamese women are very beautiful. They have very beautiful bodies with slim waists. Even after years of marriage, they try to look attractive for their husbands. Their slowly aging bodies keep them young and charming for a very long time.

Healthy lifestyle

Thanks to their active lifestyle and healthy diet, Vietnamese brides are fit and beautiful at any age. Smoking women are rare in Vietnam. Statistics show that only 5% of women smoke. They also rarely drink alcohol. This is one of the reasons why Vietnamese women often look younger than they are. This is the best example for future children.

Vietnamese Model

Things to know about Vietnamese women

There are some cultural differences that you should be aware of:

  • Vietnamese girls often smile, as smiling in Vietnam also means apologising.
  • Women in Vietnam often avoid eye contact, which is why many Western Europeans find them shy.
  • They speak softly as this is a sign of politeness in Vietnam.
  • Here are some facts and figures about the role of women in Vietnamese society:
  • Women make up about 30% of the National Assembly.
  • 80% of textile workers are women.
  • Middle class women are increasingly involved in the labour market outside the home. 83% of women have jobs.
  • Women earn 13% less than men in Vietnam
  • The country’s sex ratio is 110 men to 100 women.
  • There are still differences in marriage ages between rural and urban areas. Rural women marry at a younger age than their urban counterparts.

What are their best qualities?

Vietnamese women have several endearing qualities that make them the best wives. Here are the main reasons why foreign men seek out Vietnamese women.

Long-term relationships

Vietnamese brides value long-term relationships. On online dating platforms, Vietnamese singles are looking for a loving and caring partner, preferably from the UK, for a serious relationship. It’s nice to think about marriage. Women here like to be taken seriously. They also have a strong sense of tradition and start looking for a marriage partner as young ladies. On average, Vietnamese women are married by the age of 25.


A Vietnamese woman is loyal to her husband. She has been brought up from childhood to be a good wife. Vietnamese brides are trustworthy. They trust their husbands and value trustworthiness in others. For them, a happy marriage is built on trust. This is why most Vietnamese women’s love relationships last a long time.


Vietnamese women are known for their exquisite skills in the kitchen. They can cook delicious meals for the whole family. They also eat healthy food.

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FAQs About Vietnamese Dating Sites

1. What are Vietnamese sites?

Vietnamese dating sites are online platforms designed to connect individuals seeking romantic relationships with Vietnamese singles. These websites provide a space for people to create profiles, interact with others, and potentially find compatible partners.

2. How do Vietnamese dating sites work?

Vietnamese dating sites typically allow users to create profiles with information about themselves, such as their interests, hobbies, and preferences. Users can search for potential matches based on various criteria and communicate with them through messaging or other features offered by the platform.

3. Are Vietnamese dating sites only for people in Vietnam?

No, Vietnamese dating sites cater to a global audience. While they certainly have a significant user base within Vietnam, these sites also attract people from around the world who are interested in dating or forming relationships with Vietnamese individuals.

4. Are Vietnamese dating sites safe?

Reputable Vietnamese dating sites prioritize user safety and employ measures such as profile verification, data encryption, and reporting mechanisms to ensure a safer online environment. However, users should still exercise caution and follow online safety guidelines when interacting with others on these platforms.

5. What features do Vietnamese dating sites offer?

Vietnamese dating sites offer a range of features, including profile creation, search filters, messaging, photo sharing, and sometimes even video chat. Some platforms also provide matchmaking algorithms that suggest potential matches based on users’ preferences.

6. Can I use Vietnamese dating sites for casual dating or hookups?

While some users may be looking for casual dating or hookups on Vietnamese dating sites, many individuals use these platforms to find meaningful relationships. It’s important to be upfront about your intentions in your profile to attract like-minded individuals.

7. Are there free Vietnamese dating sites?

Yes, there are free Vietnamese dating sites available. However, these sites might have limited features and a higher likelihood of fake profiles. Premium or paid dating sites often offer more advanced features and a more serious user base.

8. How do I create an attractive profile on Vietnamese dating sites?

Creating an attractive profile involves adding clear and appealing photos, providing genuine information about yourself, and expressing your interests and aspirations. Be honest and authentic to attract compatible matches.

9. Are long-distance relationships a possibility on these sites?

Yes, many Vietnamese dating sites facilitate long-distance relationships. These platforms can be particularly helpful for people interested in dating Vietnamese individuals from different parts of the world.

10. How can I avoid scams on Vietnamese dating sites?

To avoid scams, be cautious of users who ask for money or personal information early on. Avoid sharing sensitive information, and never send money to someone you haven’t met in person. Report any suspicious behaviour to the site administrators.

11. What cultural aspects should I be aware of when using Vietnamese dating sites?

Respect for Vietnamese culture is important. Familiarize yourself with basic cultural norms, customs, and values to ensure smooth interactions. Learning a few phrases in Vietnamese can also be a thoughtful gesture.

12. Can I find serious relationships on Vietnamese dating sites?

Yes, many people have found serious and lasting relationships through Vietnamese dating sites. By clearly communicating your intentions and taking the time to get to know potential matches, you can increase your chances of finding a meaningful connection.

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