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Being single in Northern Ireland is only fun to a certain extent. However, when the fun of being alone comes to an end, the nagging feeling of loneliness sets in and the agonising self-questions of why one can no longer find anyone suitable.

In the long run, this can take such a toll on self-esteem that being alone can lead to psychological problems for many people who long for a relationship.

But what do you do if you are ready for the big love and you just can’t find it anywhere? It’s simple: do like many other people who are in a happy relationship: Search online specifically for your dream partner.

What are the top free dating sites in Northern Ireland?

Good online dating sites are very helpful here, because they skilfully mix a high number of members with scientific matchmaking criteria so that potential partners can easily find each other.

The advantage of this is easily explained: the personality tests and matching algorithms of the large dating platforms only bring together people who are suitable for each other as partners because of their values, views and character traits.

So you no longer need the experience of an “amour fou”, a quick love based on mutual erotic attraction, because this kind of enthusiasm for each other quickly wears off and what remains is often disappointment and hurt.

Basically, before you start looking for a suitable partner, you should ask yourself how ready you really are for a lasting relationship.

Boredom and loneliness are not the best prerequisites for a successful search. On the contrary, all too often you then run the risk of slipping into a sliding relationship, a relationship that both partners have slipped into by chance with the help of Karma or Tinder, without really committing to each other.

This type of relationship is a danger with partnership options that are available too quickly. According to studies, these lead to the relationship not lasting and the partners both quickly feeling dissatisfied in the relationship because it lacks a real emotional connection.

However, if your desire for a relationship is really based on the fact that you want a life as a couple and you also bring along all the necessary prerequisites for this, nothing stands in the way of a successful love.

Love offers us new experiences that we can share, a common everyday life that is easier to bear in its depths when we are together, of course sex, cuddling and enjoying closeness and the feeling of being able to rely on someone unconditionally.

It’s clear that a relationship offers many advantages for our psyche and our health. Now all we have to do is find the right person from the millions of other singles who are also looking.

Where can you meet singles in Belfast?

  • Join a social club
  • Join a yoga club in downtown Belfast
  • Learn a new classical instrument
  • Check out various speed dating events throughout the city
  • Join a Belfast-based dating website such as the Belfast-Telegraph

What are the criteria for top matchmaking agencies in NI?

At this point, an excursion into relationship psychology might be interesting. Relationship psychologists assume that people look for partners who are like them. The nice old saying about opposites attracting is still in the running, but in the track record of lovers, it is clear to see that people get on well with their partners when they are similar in nature, character traits, ideas about life and attitudes.

Northern Irish online dating agencies have set up their algorithms and psychological tests accordingly. In this way, you can really succeed in finding a person who ticks remarkably similarly to you.

Word has spread about the success rate of online matchmaking agencies in NI, and for years now there has been a clear upward trend in the number of members. Especially people who have a high level of education and an elevated social status are increasingly registering with such platforms.

On the one hand, this has to do with the small amount of free time that successful people have available, and on the other hand, it has to do with the costs of the well-known and successful matchmaking agencies, because they operate in an upscale segment that not everyone can afford.


How does dating online dating in Northern Ireland work?

The Northern-Irish market leaders apply the proven principle of the five-factor personality model. Sounds complicated and scientific? It is, but you don’t have to worry about that, because all you enjoy in the search are the results of the partner suggestions that the sophisticated psychological tests lead to.

All you need is a time slot of half an hour and the courage to be honest about the questions asked. The more honest you are, the more appropriate your results will be.

It is not worth telling fibs, for example, about your lack of tidiness, because the tendency towards chaos will come through again after a short time, so you should not hide it. Once you have completed the test, you are much closer to your dream partner.

What you should keep in mind

Regional differences are an important factor in online dating. If you live in a village in a remote rural area of Northern-Ireland, it is more difficult to find a suitable partner than someone who lives in Belfast, Derry, Newry, Bangor, Antrim, or Armagh.

This is mainly because low population density directly affects your life dating life. In rural areas where fewer NI-Singles live, finding a match can prove to be challenging compared to bigger cities.


What are the benefits of this kind of matchmaking service?

Serious platforms don’t annoy you with pop-up ads, offer a serious service that doesn’t leave finding your dream partner to chance and are not based on childish games that are supposed to lead you to your dream partner with the swiping technique.

They are free of fake accounts and kick scammers and fraudsters out of the platform immediately, they offer good support that is also easy to reach, and they save you the embarrassment of colleagues catching you looking for a partner by offering you the greatest possible discretion. Registered members are anonymous and invisible to the public outside the of dating site.

Is online dating in Northern Ireland hard?

The biggest advantage, however, is that the matching systems of the dating sites only make partner suggestions that match you. This saves you time, frustration and effort, because it’s not your job to laboriously click through the profiles and read endless texts to find out if you have anything in common – the dating site does that for you.

And so you only get to know the people who match you, which makes your search for a partner much easier. You can look around among the suggestions and then make a preselection for yourself among the profiles that you like.

Then you may reach out and can take the next steps with your chosen partner. Good to know: On Northern Irish dating sites you can meet many more people who are seriously interested in a relationship than on international platforms based in England or Wales, which have a different target audience.

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